ByDevin Howard, writer at

As I entered the theater, expectations and excitement were certainly high. Ridley Scott had his work cut out for him when He agreed to bring Andy Weir's novel "The Martian" to the big screen. Scott must have realized that this picture would be compared to his previous science fiction marvels, "Blade Runner" and "Alien". While "The Martian" takes place in a more realistic and relatable universe that is not to say it is not on par with his previous blockbusters. His direction along with Drew Goddard's stellar writing make for a well paced and exhilarating ride. While its contemporary "Interstellar" uses dense concepts such as quantum physics and event horizons, "The Martian" shines in its simplicity. The film uses relatable terminology rather than scientific Hollywood jargon which makes for a lot less head scratching viewing. While the effects do not seem too overbearing, they are still an incredible achievement in film. They seem to be the best portrayal of Mars in recent memory. Some of the gripes one might have would be the performance of a few cast members. Matt Damon certainly has more screen time than anyone else and rightfully so. His performance will have anyone cheering for his survival throughout the motion picture. Damon's comedic timing is very reminiscent of his film "Good Will Hunting". While Damon stars in his performance, Jeff Daniels and Kristin Wiig underachieve to say the least. While I can praise Wiig for going out on a limb and taking a more dramatic role, I cannot say the same for Daniels. His portrayal of Teddy Sanders, the NASA director was at time cringe worthy. There were a few scenes audience members would find themselves rolling their eyes with his lackluster enthusiasm. "The Martian" is far from a perfect film, however a strong lead and a witty script as well as a lighthearted and energetic soundtrack makes for a excellent watch. A solid 8/10


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