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12. Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers Mask

As much I love the movie, I hate the mask. There is 0 detail in the while thing. The forehead is to big and the hair is awful. It just makes him look stupid and not scary.

11. Halloween H20: 20 Years Later Mask

I think I would've liked this mask a little more if they didn't use 4 masks, including a sgi mask. There's not a lot of detail in it and the eyeholes are way to big.

10. Halloween: Resurrection Mask

Now as much as I hate this movie I do quite like the mask. It has a lot of great detail in the cheeks and mouth. My only issues with it are the eyebrows are to dark and noticeable and again the eyeholes are to big.

9. John Carpenter's Halloween Clown Mask

I really like the way this mask looks. I love the detail and this mask definitely established the character. The only reason it's not higher is because you only see it for a brief moment.

8. Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers Mask

I personally think this is an underrated mask. I love the detail and the ware to it. I think it makes him look very creepy and intimidating.

7. Rob Zombie's Halloween Asylum Escape Mask

I love all of the remake masks. I love the idea of it being a paper mache mask. It looks very creepy and screwed up. And I love the detail in it.

6. Rob Zombie's Halloween Clown Mask

This is definitely a really creepy looking mask. I love the way it fits on kids face. And the simple details in it are great. This is definitely far superior to the original clown mask.

5. Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers Mask

This is a brilliant looking mask. It has a lot of amazing detail all round. My favorite thing about is from different angles it looks angry, sinsiter, even happy.

4. Rob Zombie's Halloween II Mask

I love this mask. I love that it looks very worn. And personally I like all the tears in the mask. And the hair look great to, it looks very messy. And I just think this is a very underrated mask.

3. John Carpenter's Halloween Mask

This is a great mask. I love the simplicity of it. And it really made the character. It also resembles what the character is. It's definitely the most recognizable Myers mask because of those reasons.

2. Halloween II Mask

Believe it or not but this is the same mask that was used in the original. But I think it looks creepier than the original. I love the ware to it and the hair color is great.

1. Rob Zombie's Halloween Mask

I absolutely love this mask. I love the ware to it after being under the floor boards for all those years. It makes him look very creepy and intimidating. And I love the messy hair, I think it looks great.


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