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From the producers of The Cw's Flash and Arrow is a brand new series called Supergirl. The biological cousin of the Man of Steel.

Episode 1=> A young girl named Kara Zor-El is sent to Earth by her mother Alura to protect her cousin, Kal-El, as their planet, Krypton, destructs. The planet's explosion forces her ship off course and into the Phantom Zone, where she stays for 24 years before landing on Earth. Kal-El, now an adult and going by the name Superman, puts Kara in the care of the Danvers. Twelve years later, Kara is forced to reveal herself to the world when her adoptive sister's plane is sabotaged and she must save everyone. Her sister, Alex, is revealed to be working at the Department of Extra-Normal Operations, under the leadership of Hank Henshaw, investigating alien activity. She learns that there are hundreds of aliens on the planet in hiding, most whom came from a prison that crashed on Earth when she did, and that her mother was the one responsible for imprisoning the intergalactic criminals. Her actions attract the attention of Vartox and, with guidance from Alex, she is able to defeat him. New art director James Olsen reveals he was sent to look after her and presents Kara with a gift from Superman, a new cape for her costume. Vartox's superior is revealed to be Astra, Alura's identical twin sister, who wants to conquer Earth.

Episode 2 Stronger Together In an effort to put a positive image on Supergirl in the wake of a serious mishap, Kara asks Winn and James to help her perfect her skills, while Hank and Alex put Kara through extensive physical training. Meanwhile, Kara learns that an insect-like alien of the Hellgrammite species who escaped from Fort Rozz is on Earth searching for chlorine-based food. The DEO prepares an ambush for the Hellgrammite, but it escapes, kidnapping Alex and taking her to Astra. Astra uses Alex as a trap for Kara. As Kara and Astra fight, Hank injures Astra with a Kryptonite knife and Alex kills the Hellgrammite. Learning that Kara has become more powerful than she had imagined and that humanity has a means of weakening Kryptonians, Astra muses that her "plans" may need to be temporarily postponed. Although Cat pressures James to get her an interview with Supergirl, James has reservations about being used as a go-between to his superpowered friends, while Kara is worried about being recognised. In the end, Kara agrees to the interview and prevents James from getting fired. It is also revealed that Hank might have a secret of his own when his eyes begin to glow red.

episode 3 flight or fright=> During the interview with Cat, Supergirl accidentally reveals that she is Superman's cousin. Supergirl is later attacked by Reactron, who seeks to kill her in order to get his revenge on Superman, but she manages to send him fleeing. He later goes to LORD Technology labs and kidnaps Maxwell Lord to get him to fix his suit. Kara later learns that a reactor meltdown Superman stopped in the past killed Reactron's wife, thus explaining the vendetta. She goes to Reactron's hideout and manages to save Maxwell Lord, only to get badly injured by Reactron afterwards, but Superman comes to save her. She gets mad at James, who called Superman for help, as she didn't want to rely on the Man of Steel. During a party Cat organized, Reactron breaks in to find Supergirl. While James distracts Reactron, Supergirl covers her hand in lead so that she can use it to safely remove the power core in Reactron's suit and defeat him. It is later revealed that James has an ex-fiancée, Lucy Lane (the younger sister of Lois Lane), who came to National City to patch up their relationship.

episode 4 livewire=> After fighting an alien escapee, Kara meets Alex at the apartment to greet their mother, Eliza Danvers, for Thanksgiving, inviting Winn due to his lack of plans. CatCo's shock jock, Leslie Willis is demoted by Cat to traffic reporting after a controversial bashing of Supergirl. During a severe thunderstorm, Supergirl tries to save Leslie, but lightning strikes them both, imbuing Leslie with electromagnetic powers. Leslie takes the name "Livewire" and tries to take revenge on Cat, but eventually Supergirl stops her and she is imprisoned at DEO. After Alex tells Eliza in a fit of rage at the dinner table that she's actually DEO, Eliza reveals to her daughters that, years ago, their father, Dr. Jeremiah Danvers, offered himself up to work for Hank Henshaw in exchange for Kara's safety and then died mysteriously, leading the girls to become suspicious of Henshaw.

episode 5 how does she do it=> Cat Grant is out of town accepting an award and Kara, James, and Winn struggle to take care of CatCo, Cat's son Carter, and a bomber targeting Maxwell Lord's company. The DEO, claiming to be the FBI, goes to Lord and attempts to convince him to postpone the bullet train's opening, but to no avail. Kara is stuck between James and Lucy's relationship, each arguing that the other is responsible for their breakup. On the opening night of Lord's new bullet train, Supergirl and the DEO must deal with two bomb threats simultaneously, one at the airport and one on the train. James and the DEO go to the airport, where Hank Henshaw secretly uses his hidden strength to deactivate the bomb, claiming it was a dud. Supergirl goes to the train, on which Carter and the bomber are both riding. As Supergirl confronts the bomber, he claims that he is doing it for his invalid daughter. The bomber requests Supergirl save the people on the train after he starts the timer, which she does. At DEO headquarters, Alex finds a fail-safe in the "dud" bomb, causing Supergirl to realize that Lord was the one behind the bomber's actions. Lord concedes that the threats could have been used to test Supergirl's skills, but does not admit responsibility.

episode 6 red faced=> Anger issues surface for multiple characters, including Kara. Cat's mother, Katherine Grant, arrives. Lucy's father, Sam Lane, arrives. The military's rogue combat android, Red Tornado, challenges Kara; she and Alex eventually defeat both the robot and its creator, but the fight leaves the former weakened. It is discovered that Hank Henshaw was the last to see Jeremiah Danvers alive. At the end of the episode, Kara drops some glass and, when she picks it up, she starts bleeding.

epiode 7 human for a day=> The fight with Red Tornado leaves Kara helpless without her powers. During an earthquake, she attempts to help James and Winn, while the events allow the alien Jemm to break out of his DEO cell and face off against Alex and Hank, who is later revealed to be a benevolent alien refugee, J'onn J'onzz. Hank explains to Alex that her father saved him from the real Henshaw, who tried to kill him, and that he made him a promise to watch over his daughter. Kara is later attacked by Astra and her assistants.

episode 8=> Kara's battle against Astra is muddied when Astra explains how Alura captured her, but Kara refuses to believe her story until she discovers the truth that her mother was trying to keep from her. It is also revealed that Astra used her fight against Supergirl as part of a plan to take over Lord Technologies, led by her husband Non and his army of Kryptonians, prompting Alex and Hank to stop them. The Kryptonians are employing kryptonite-shielding armor to protect themselves from the substance, but Hank still manages to take out one after he revealed to him his true identity. Meanwhile Kara, James, Winn, and Lucy help Cat track down a hacker responsible for releasing Cat's e-mails, leading them to a CatCo executive who wants to oust Cat from the company. Cat reveals to Kara that she has a son that she has not seen in 24 years and later tells Kara that she knows that she is Supergirl. Kara then races over to Lord Technologies to face off against Non.

episode 9 => Non defeats Supergirl and leaves with Hank/J'onn. Lord sends the DEO away from his facility, vowing to defend it himself, and returns to a secret experiment he is conducting. Non offers to trade Hank for Astra, but General Lane (placed in charge of the DEO during the emergency though Hank left Alex as acting director) refuses, tortures Astra for Non's location, and walks into a trap placed by Non. Kara is distraught over both this defeat and the fact that Cat will fire her unless she is convinced that Kara is not Supergirl. Kara goes to the DEO and talks with Astra who tells her that Alura believed her (correct) claim that Krypton was doomed, but sentenced her for her illegal methods while promising to work for her cause. Alex and Supergirl make the trade over Lane's objections and Astra orders Non to withdraw despite his numerical advantage. Later, J'onn uses his shape-shifting power to present Cat with Kara and Supergirl simultaneously, casting doubt on her initial deduction of their identities.

episode 10=> When Winn learns that his father, the Toyman, has escaped, Kara wants to help him find his father, but he's concerned it is his cross to bear. Alex convinces a reluctant Hank to use his powers to infiltrate Lord Technologies and find out what Maxwell is hiding. Cat hires Lucy as her general counsel, but James is unenthusiastic. Maxwell uses a hidden camera to spy on Kara and Alex, discovering that the two are sisters and learning Kara's secret identity. Also, Kara learns Winn is in love with her after he kisses her and runs off. Kara feels guilty for possibly ruining their friendship and tells Alex, who already knew how he felt.

episode 11=> Kara saves an anti-alien senator after a mysterious creature attacks, only to discover that Hank has known of the creature, whom he hold responsible for killing his family and his race back on Mars, and is vowing vengeance. The deception takes on a new twist when the alien poses as the senator in order to bait Hank in a plot to kill him and Kara has to intervene before Hank goes through with his vengeance. Meanwhile, Kara helps Cat meet with her son Adam, who later asks Kara out for a date. An identical Supergirl suddenly shows up in National City, and is already the lead story on television after she tosses a dangling car off a bridge.

the next two episodes are entitled bizarro and for the girl who has everything please read my other artical dark archer


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