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I'm a regular guy with strong opinions on a lot of things. I'm a true Star Wars fan, loving all of the movies, even the prequels.

I'm going to come out swinging with my thesis...

I contend Rey is a Skywalker. She is either Luke's daughter, or maybe...well, read on.

Here's why she's not a Solo

Clearly Leia and Han would have known if they had a daughter. Leia may not be a Jedi, but she has natural Force aptitude allowing her to sense family. She was raised apart from her deceased mother, and yet she has Force memories of her being sad. She even felt Luke was family long before he revealed it to her. Yet, she did not sense this with Rey. Rey is not a Solo. Period.

Secondly she's not a Kenobi

It makes zero sense for her to be related to Obi Wan. I'll dismantle some of the arguments people use when supporting a possible Kenobi.

  • Rey has a British accent, like Kenobi - Big deal. The being she was handed off to as a child was clearly Unkar Plutt, the scrap dealer on Jakku and he had a British accent. She could have developed it from being around him, or someone else with such an accent on Jakku. Besides, Darth Vader, Luke's FATHER, has a brit accent in the entire original trilogy, even though he had an American accent in the entire prequels, even after getting the suit in the end.
  • "Waiting for someone who won't return" - Lots of people love to say "since Obi Wan is dead, he can't come back. If Obi Wan was her father, she'd be 40 years old at least. Rey is clearly not. Outside of having been frozen in carbonite for a time, there's nothing that suggests she's that old. Besides, maybe Maz is referring to Rey's mother, who could very well be dead. Furthermore, the line in the movie is "they're never coming back". It isn't "they can never come back". It's a statement saying "they will not come Jakku". I grew up in a redneck town in rural MN. We played sports against other redneck rural MN towns. I traveled to some of these towns for the sole purpose of playing basketball. I literally have zero need to ever travel to any of these poor excuses for urinal cakes ever again. I'm never going back. It isn't because I'm dead or otherwise incapable. I just don't want to.
  • Use of the Jedi Mind Trick - Some people assert that since Kenobi used it a lot, it must mean Rey is his daughter. However Luke used it in Return of the Jedi on Bib Fortuna, and Anakin did in the canonical Clone Wars series on occasion. This means nothing.
  • The Force vision - Rey had one, just like Luke Skywalker did on Dagobah, and his father Anakin did on Naboo and Coruscant. No other characters in all of canonical Star Wars have such strong force visions like this. Maz clearly points out that she had such a vision from touching the lightsaber that belonged to Luke and his father Anakin before him. This is pretty weighty to say and not imply she's his daughter...or at least something else.
  • Jedi Order is Obi Wan's favorite flavor of Kool Ade - Ever since we first met Obi Wan (chronologically speaking) in The Phantom Menace, he has been a rule follower. His own master, Qui-Gon Jinn, got reprimanded by, then padawan, Obi Wan for not following the Jedi Council's wishes. Everything we see in the canon of Star Wars shows he was a rule follower. The idea of him abandoning his lifelong devotion to the Order to get some side action is just not likely. Some people have suggested that Luke could have married a daughter of Obi Wan. I just don't see that happening.
  • In the second teaser trailer we hear Luke saying a line very similar to what he said to Leia on Endor in the Ewok village. "The Force is strong in my family. My father has it. I have it. My sister has it. And you have that power too."

    Granted, the trailer didn't show to whom Master Luke was speaking. It's entirely possible it could have been Ben Solo. However I'm confident it's Rey, and I'm going to stick to it. It's Rey, and therefore she's NOT a Kenobi.

I contend Rey is a Skywalker

I am so confident in this that I defy any other theories, and challenge everyone to bookmark this page and comment after Episode 8 has come out.

Support that Rey is Luke's daughter

  • The strongest evidence is that Maz seems to suspect it when she talks about the lightsaber. She says it was Luke's, and his father's before him. Now it calls out to Rey. There is a strong leaning here establishing this emotional connection for the audience. It's quite the investment to suddenly pull it away from us.
  • Star Wars is about the story of the Skywalker family. Rey is clearly the frontrunner star of the new series. It would go against the already established process in place.
  • As I stated in my "Not a Kenobi" argument, Luke is speaking to someone in the second teaser trailer about how the Skywalker family is strong in the Force. Assuming this is not just marketing hype, it makes no sense for him to be speaking to someone to whom he's not related. Yes, technically this would still apply if she were a child of Leia. Maybe he was talking to Ben Solo? Possibly since the trailer doesn't specify to whom he is speaking. However I believe it is Rey, and I already addressed that in my "Not a Solo" argument.

However there are problems

Everything in the movie suggests to me that Rey has zero memory of ever meeting Luke Skywalker. Possible force memory wipe? Maybe, but let's face it. That's weak.

Finn first hears of Luke Skywalker when Poe mentions him in their escape via the TIE fighter. When Finn mentions Luke to Rey, her reply isn't "yeah he's my dad" or "he's my uncle", or even "yeah, my dad who's been dead for like, ever, trained him in the Force". No. Her response is "I thought he was a myth". She clearly has no recollection of ever having met him.

Having read the novelization of The Force Awakens I get the impression that a female dropped her off. There is a line in the novel that differs from that in the movie, where the person dropping her off calls her "sweetheart". This seems to me to be something that a mother would be more likely to say to a daughter, than a father.

So....what then?

What if she was something else? In The Phantom Menace we learn of a prophesy regarding the Son of the Suns, the one who will bring balance to the Force. When Mace Windu and Qui Gon Jinn discuss it they don't say anything about it being a once-for-all-time sort of thing. What if Rey is the reincarnation of Anakin Skywalker. She could have no father, like Anakin, and have been conceived by the midichlorians like he was.

Support for this theory

If Rey was the reincarnation of Anakin she could subconsciously remember bits and pieces of that former life.

  • She has a strong natural aptitude in the Force without any training whatsoever. Anakin exhibited these same traits as a child in Mos Espa. She resisted Kylo Ren's mind probe. Granted, Leia did the same thing to Vader in A New Hope. However Rey also reverse-probed Ren's mind. She mind-tricked the storm trooper. She bested the master of the Knights of Ren, who was capable of hunting down and killing Jedi and padawans with more training than Rey, in a lightsaber duel. This was all with no apparent training.
  • She has very strong aptitude in technology. For having lived seemingly her whole formative life on Jakku, she knows how to fix a hyperdrive and reroute electrical circuitry.
  • She's a naturally gifted pilot. She was doing complex flight maneuvers in the Millennium Falcon. Anakin was able to do tricks like this easily.
  • Hearing Obi Wan's voice in the Force vision. This could be his Force ghost visiting her in the dream. But could it also be Rey subconsciously remembering Anakin's memories of his former master.
  • Why would she remember the duel on Cloud City? Luke might have told her about it at one time, but it could also be that she remembered her life as Darth Vader.

    Furthermore, from the TFA novelization it states she hears mechanical breathing (Vader's), at the "distant, distant" end of the hallway she sees two figured dueling (Luke and Vader). Then she sees "a boy" at the end of the hallway. It doesn't state at what level of maturity this boy is. However in Star Wars only two people have ever been referred to as "boy": Anakin and Luke.

    While this doesn't immediately spell out "She's the Chosen One", it does suggest that this is a connected memory.
  • Snoke refers to "an awakening" in the Force. What if what he really means is a reincarnation of the Chosen One?
  • The philosophy/theology in Star Wars is heavily influenced on Buddhism. One of the beliefs of Buddhism is that the Buddha has been reincarnated numerous times. This would translate perfectly into Rey being the reborn Chosen One to bring balance back to the Force.
  • This would be a plot twist so epic that it would rival Vader being Luke's father. This is just the kind of reveal that makes Star Wars so great.


So there it is. While I still strongly think she's Luke's daughter, I can't shake this feeling that she's Anakin's reincarnation, and brought forth by the will of the Force in order to restore balance once again. Again, I maintain that I am so confident in my suspicions/theories that I challenge everyone to bookmark this article, and come back in 2017 after Star Wars Episode 8 comes out. I will stick to my guns and let the chips ride until Episode 8 proves me otherwise. If Episode 8 proves me wrong, I'll be happy, shrug it off, and enjoy what's going to be an awesome movie.


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