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Let's be honest, this millennium has not been quite as good to us as the 90's were in the sitcom department. (I mean come on, Cheers, Seinfeld, Friends, Fraiser, and Everybody Loves Raymond in one era!? Is it possible to out-do that?) There's been some saving graces like The Office and Parks and Rec, but lately there has been quite a few new quality shows. For instance:

Angie Tribeca

Do you like crime dramas? Do you like Mel Brooks style parody? Do you like Steve Carell? Well, you better start watching Angie Tribeca. It's a parody of crime shows created by Steve Carell and stars Parks and Recreation's Rashida Jones. She's a no-nonsense cop who contributes to a huge amount of nonsense. Plus, the opening is a hilarious jab at CSI.


Have you shopped or worked at Walmart? If you have, then you've got to catch this workplace comedy about the employees of the Cloud 9 superstore. NBC has given us another quality workplace comedy starring America Ferrera as Amy, a long-time employee of the store.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Kimmy was abducted into a doomsday cult at 14. Now, she's free and trying to assimilate into modern society. Kimmy, played by the amazing Ellie Kemper, is the most optimistic and uplifting character I've seen. Even though life has dealt her a terrible hand, she always seems to find the silver lining. The show also features its creator, Tina Fey, in a couple of episodes along with an appearance by Jon Hamm. You can catch the first season any time on Netflix.

Honorable Mentions

The Goldbergs

The real That 80's Show
The real That 80's Show

The Last Man On Earth

I believe this says more than I ever could.
I believe this says more than I ever could.

We've got dozens of new sitcoms to choose from. Plus we have multiple ways to view them these days with Netflix and on-demand. In short, comedy's in an upswing, and I'm liking it! How about you?


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