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As March 23 slowly but surely approaches, the hype has done nothing but pick up speed, especially regarding Ben Affleck's eventual jaw-dropping performance. The haters certainly came out of the woodwork when he was first announced, mostly surrounding his unimpressive performance as Daredevil. Sure, he's had some terrible flops, but he's come one hell of a long way since then.

I personally have been a supporter of him as the Dark Knight since the very beginning, and that was only reinforced when they started releasing images and the teaser trailer. Now, don't let my title fool you. I love the Dark Knight trilogy, and I've been a huge Christian Bale fan since I saw Equilibrium (still one of my favorite Bale films), but here are my three reasons that Batfleck will be a better representation of Batman.

1. He's Not Constricted by Reality

Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale rooted the character in a more modern, realistic point of view, which was certainly awesome, but now we're going to get the comic book representation, and that's just epic. We're going to be introduced to a Batman in a world with aliens, superpowers, and destructive monsters. That makes the possibilities totally endless as far as where they can take the character and the story, and what storylines they can pursue in the future (I'm praying to the comic book Gods for Flashpoint...).

We already know that he's going to be on the hunt in Suicide Squad which, in and of itself, allows its' own world of possibilities involving those Batman characters.

2. He's More Convincing Against Superman

Let's face it...Bale's constant punching, uppercuts, and slowly flying feet just wouldn't have been enough to convince me that he could beat the Man of Steel. Say what you will, whether you're Team Bats or Supes, we need a Batman that can at least sell the fact that he could actually beat Superman. Let's not forget the monumental scene in which Bale is horribly defeated by Tom Hardy's Bane. Sure he came back and beat him, but just maybe Superman is more formidable than Bane.

With Ben Affleck's overall presence in the trailers and stills, I'm already much more confident that he'll convince me that he can give the boy scout a hell of a fight.

3. A Clean Slate

To build off of my previous point, if Christian Bale had agreed to be Batman, we'd be seeing a continuation of how we was when the Dark Knight trilogy ended. He'd just recovered from a broken back, he barely pushed back the war on Gotham City, and he faked his own death. With Ben Affleck, we get to start all over again.

We know his suit is going to be fabric, which is not only closer to the comics, but also gives him so much more mobility and potential to show off actual hand-to-hand combative skills. DC has the opportunity to reinvent his detective skills, something that Bale's Batman barely hinted at in the first and second films. Without the constraints of reality, there's a possibility to see all your favorite comic book storylines brought to life that, in a realistic world, just couldn't happen.

I'm a huge Batman fan, fighting for Ben Affleck's rights to the character, and his ability to portray the Dark Knight. What are you most excited for in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? That it's only seven weeks away perhaps? Leave your discussions in the comments!


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