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It´s been a while since we first saw Scoot McNairy in the set of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Back then, thanks to images of him wearing green socks, several news sites ran with the assumption that he was playing The Flash (because, you know, wearing green socks for cgi means you are a speedster). This of course, was disproven by Ezra Miller´s casting as the scarlet speedster (though I think the ridiculousness of the rumor helped).

Then, more rumors came along that Scoot was actually playing a "gritified" (Yes, I just made that word up) version of Jimmy Olsen, one who lost both his legs during the battle of Metropolis but was still an avid supporter of Superman and was in front of the Senate to testify in big blue´s favor...

Well now, another rumor comes along from Latino Review that gives, in my opinion, a more believable and predictable explanation for the character in the film.

They state that while he indeed lost his legs during the battle of Metropolis, he´s no Jimmy Olsen. Instead, he´s a guy called by the Senate to testify against Superman but Lex Luthor manipulates him and makes him a human bomb to hurt the man of steel during the hearing.

This rumor gives a reason for the explosion in the Senate shown in the trailers and, just like almost every super hero movie out there, makes it fairly easy to predict McNairy´s character arc.

For example, that brief shot of him in his wheelchair looking at Superman´s monument could be him reflecting on how much he hates the superhero when suddenly, Lex Luthor or one of his henchmen approaches him and makes him an offer, McNairy´s character looks pissed at the camera and agrees. Or in reverse, Luthor makes the offer to him, the character then goes to Superman´s monument, morally conflicted but then remembers how much his life was ruined, realizes he´s got nothing to live for and accepts the task. Then, during the Senate hearing, when Superman says something specifically that pisses off the unnamed character, he will set off the bomb, creating the explosion we saw Lois Lane cover from.

Batman then will probably tell Superman how his presence encourages behavior like the man who blew himself up, and that creates a moral conflict for big blue, making him wonder if he is good for the world at all.

Do you think this new rumor is true?


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