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Many have raved about the new Dice Battlefront game and many are pretty upset too. In remembering the last installment of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 it's a little hard to compete with that sort of fan favorite.

That being said, [Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021) is a fun game, however it is a watered down comparison to Battlefront 2. The game seems more focused on graphics, sound design and online multiplayer content. As you play you have no backstory or characters from The Force Awakens or the prequel trilogy. Now I know that the

community has people who despise the prequels but that doesn't mean that they didn't happen and that they weren't an integral part of Star Wars history. Battlefront seems more focused on the original trilogies three films without the story or charm. It's more lets kill each other and earn only a very small cache of blasters and emoticons??? What? Yes, you heard it right. Once you rank up in the game you will earn crazy emoticons for your character to flaunt to his or her team mates. Emoticons like "NOOOOoooo." and "BOOM!" with a fist bump.

As far as character customization goes, they didn't try too hard on that one. They call it character customization but you don't have much to customize. You can either go helmet on or off, male or female, Oriental, white, black, young or old and you have to choose whatever face they give you. No changing of the eye color, chest, height etc.

Wait, but what if I want to be a Jedi, Dark Jedi or Sith? I have to chose either Rebellion or Empire? Yes, unless you play a Hero game.

Playing a "Hero" game does not mean you get to pick just any hero you want from Yoda to Han Solo. You have to kill your target and you get only three choices.

Also now that the Expanded Universe is considered "Legend" or "Non-canon" Things have changed like the "Dark Trooper" being the "Black Stormtrooper" and they are just as easy to kill as any Stormtrooper. Don't look forward to being a Chiss anytime soon.

But don't fret for the team at Dice have thrown in extras and updates available to "PAYING" members. Thats right, lets hop aboard the Greed Train Express and milk fifty dollars from the mooing communities online. This is the only way that you will ever see Bespin's beautiful Cloud City or traverse the Deathstar. Jabba's palace on Tatooine won't be available either to non-paying members.

Adding all of this to the fact that driving the vehicles stink. You have no first person view inside the cockpits of either walkers and both flying as well as ground vehicles have the maneuverability of a sleepy hutt on steroids and crack.

Don't get me wrong, I love this game and I will tell anyone deciding to buy it that it's fun and entertaining but is it "as good"?..

Final summation.. I am glad that I got this game but I am conflicted like Vader. It has potential to grow and I hope that it does. I would love to see conquest return, to see Hero played in what I like to call the right way and hopefully that the team at Dice remember the fans of Battlefront.

In the end it's Star Wars that brings the nerd community together, strengthens us and binds us.. May the Force be with you..


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