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Directed by William Brent Bell

Starring: Lauren Cohen, Rupert Evans

January. What have you in store for us this year for Movies.

You revamped Leonardo DiCaprio's reach for an Oscar, with the outstanding film "The Revenant", but a week after, you put us through an unnecessary sequel of "Ride Along". Ok champ, you got knocked down, time to get back up and show us what you got kid!

The Boy. We're down for the count and we're out. January is over, and it was another disappointing start for the year.

The story starts when our main character, Greta, who is a nanny running away from problems in the United States decides to travel all the way to the United Kingdom... whoa now. To me that's a red flag for those problems being somewhat illegal. Maybe The Walking Dead was all in her head and she was on a non walker rampage... Too far.

Anyways she meets her first UK job with the Heelshires' and their 10 year old son, Brahms. Simple, take care of the kid, while the parents go off on adventures, what could possibly go wrong!

Brahms is a doll. A porcelain doll. And a very Annabelle-esque creepy feel to it. Her first reaction? Laughs. Shocked. Assuming it is some sort of a joke, is not but the actual truth that their dead son, is spiritually with the Heelshires, but physically in the form of Chucky 2.0. If this story were true, it would have ended immediately right now, just no way. She laughs, but is completely calm with what is going. How could you be!?!?! It is a doll! but they pay big to watch over it/him. Well OK maybe like one day with Brahms. Easy. Then things go bump in the cliche night.

What did not work, was the poor direction it went. With small peeps of a mild enjoyment, it seems horror movies have gone off their ways of spell bending worlds, true terror, and the shock of what truly scares people. Now, the thing is dolls. Of course we've seen the outcome of this. Annabelle is a poor execution as such. The Conjuring did superb in scares, and giving hints of a doll as terrifying as they played it, should not have made it a stand alone film. The Boy tries to accomplish what Annabelle did not have, and that was with cheap scares, pretty bad acting all around, and the huge set up and marketing of a twist so shocking that it was to make you believe it was going to be something you were not expecting. Ok, from that you can narrow down the end game of:

The doll being possessed. Sure it could work, but it would have been cliched.

It was all in her head. That would have been a terrible idea.

It's the nanny's brother. Ok what?

The boy is alive, and he's inside of the doll. Well... that's what I thought.

It tried to be fun, tried so hard to become something, but it failed everywhere. Bad acting, dumb plot, awful script, and yet it was somewhat decent in the fun area. After she spends the first night with Brahms, everything gets weird from random kid cries, laughter, missing clothes and jewelry and we cannot forget the idiotic mindset from our Nanny in distress. At the beginning she is set on leaving immediately after the first week, getting paid in advance, and just getting as far as away maybe back into the United Sates from this doll as possible, but towards the climax when the answer is revealed of the doll she has the urge of a moral obligation to stick with this doll, to protect it.... Why. Personal issues can not be the same as this doll are you serious! I must go back, Brahms needs me. No it/he does not madam, you just set your death even closer, and I officially rooted for Brahms to come to life like Chucky or Slappy from Night of the Living Dummy and kill everyone. I was hoping to God for that. But after just watching this in embarrassment hoping for this to end as soon as possible, I could care less for much of this movie. It was sad to see. Definitely one of the worst of year, and the year just started! Just my opinion.

So what did work to not give it a 1 or 0? Well my brother fell asleep about 30 minutes into it so there was that.

But let's be serious, something the actors did not do in this movie. Lauren Cohen seems better off in television shows, or a movie in the post apocalyptic world, she looks great, and most people who saw the film will just remember that there was a shower scene, and that was the whole movie. Unfortunately. I mean you had to have something of a wow factor, and I assume the director thought, well there's a shower scene at least.


Some scare tactics gave chills, for instance hearing a child laughter or, a telephone call from the kid you're supposed to be watching is asking you to play with him was a decent approach at scares. A whole mansion for yourself and you get a call from someone inside the house, and the first thing you ask is "Who are you" and "Is this my ex" No, script writer, we did not realize how dumb that was until you actually put it! Anyways...

Do not bother with this, save the extra cash for The Witch which looks excellent, but if you're looking for a complete time killer, something to do on a Sunday, good luck at this one. Chances are you'll enjoy that it was finally over.


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