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I love Spider-Man and Pei-Wei!
Ralph Linardic

If your reading this article, it's highly likely that you love movies. I love movies as well. I go to the theater almost every week. I have a Blu-Ray collection. I have posters, merchandise, etc. I felt that since I bought all of these products and supported Hollywood very well, what I did was justified. It's not.

The film was leaked before it's official release
The film was leaked before it's official release

What it really is, is stealing. It's the same as walking to Best Buy and stealing a Blu-Ray copy of the film. I thought downloading films for free was harmless, and didn't affect anyone. Hint: it does. A study done in 1999 estimated that over 109,000 jobs were lost due to video game and movie's downloaded illegally. Also, $12 Billion in Revenue was taken from the studios due to Piracy. It may seem harmless, but it effect's the lives of Families everywhere.

Overall, I am very sorry about the films I have downloaded illegally. It is stealing and morally wrong. I will never steal again.


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