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Every country has at least one film festival, we´ve come to know only the most famous such as Cannes, Sundance, Toronto, Venice, Berlin, etc. But what about those film festivals who hasn´t become prestigious yet? that dosen´t mean they do not have good movies or anything else, they just need a bigger audience.

The International Film Festival of UNAM (the biggest university in Mexico) is relativley new, on February 24th starts the sixth edition. It includes films from all sources and attracts both recognized directors and emerging talents with the intention of providing an innovative panorama of contemporary cinema. Not only it is destined to exhibit the Mexican quality work, but naturally provokes debate among the community of filmmakers in the country. This section has become a space Release of Mexican independent cinema in the city, leaving us to know the new national film trends; short and feature films live together in the same section.

It is also a meeting place for students and teachers of the Latin American film region, where young filmmakers can exchange their first experiences in the industry and representatives of the schools promote the creation of networks.
Now, at this point is where we find the most important underdog feature of the film festival; the FICUNAM, yet to be a great film festival, it already has a certain apreciation, allows an easiest way to discover new young filmmakers looking to emerge and show their vision to the world.

At Berlinae or Cannes you have to be already an established filmmaker, but right now there's a new oportunity for those who are not. The lowest category in FICUNAM is a contest in wich everyone can take part.

On Subway to FICUNAM!
On Subway to FICUNAM!

The subway in Mexico City is one of the largest all around the world, and with the support of the government, the UNAM let students and every citizen who wanted to take part of the FICUNAM to shoot a short film, more than short actually (it lasts 60 seconds), and submint it to the festival. With a Jury Prize for the three first places and a People Choice Award for those who gathered the greatest amount of likes on FICUNAM's channel on youtube.

My personal favourite was VIAJE REDONDO, a short film I helped to write and produce (it would be of great help if you clicked like on this one); but you can vote for any of the videos presented on the following list.

So let's VOTE!


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