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2016 is here, and we are in store for an epic superhero showdown between Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice and Captain America Civil War. In what could be the two most anticipated superhero movies of the year....well... not if Deadpool has anything to say about it...and he does....

While he keeps talking, I be will making cases for both of these movies on why one will out perform the other. The last time I covered this subject, I had given the edge to Captain America Civil War. This time, I am giving both movies reasons why each is better than the other. I will not compare their movies to each other, I am a fan of both DC and Marvel so I will objective. Part 1, I will explain why Batman v Superman will be better than Captain America Civil War.

This is the first time Superman and Batman is on the same screen together.

Aside from the cartoons and animated movies and video games...and T-shirts, this is the first time they have been in a live action movie together, EVER. I mean really, what gives?! Didn't we have both Superman and Batman movies relevant in the late 80's?! I would have died over a movie crossover with Christopher Reeve and Michael Keaton! (.....Sigh!)

Well, many years later, we finally have what we wanted for a very long time. I think that alone is enough to be excited for this movie.

These guys don't like each other.

What makes for a good fight is when the adversaries dislike each other. This is no exception. After the events in the Man of Steel, Metropolis was devastated by the Zod's terraforming and his and Superman's final battle. Bruce Wayne's satellite was destroyed in the scuffle, not to mention that he was also in town when it all took place. Bruce Wayne (Batman) finds Superman to be a complete danger to their planet.

Clark Kent (Superman), has issues with Gotham city's Batman brutal justice methods and is simply bothered by him. Their views on each other are founded, but there is a lot they just don't know about each other. They are heading for a conflict that they will soon regret.

By the trailer itself, it seems their alter egos weren't too fond of each other either. Clark, not a fan of Batman, also found Bruce Wayne rather bothersome because he seemed to condone what Batman does. Bruce Wayne found Clark amusing and really had to restrain himself from saying anything that would expose his identity. Their multiple identities doing battle makes their conflict even more interesting.

This is the biggest superhero duo in comic book history.

Sorry Robin, Batman found a larger Boy Wonder in Kal El aka Superman. This duo is the brains and the brawn all wrapped up into one. Not to mention, they are the most popular superheroes in the comic industry. There isn't a single duo in comic book history could truly rival these two. Sure, the are nemesis rivalries that possibly could, but I am talking about two superheroes that honestly really don't need each other, but at times they have aided each other when they were in direst. But on multiple occasions they have worked together, and that's not counting the Justice League. Speaking of which...


The 3rd member of the Justice League and most fiercest warrior of them all, Wonder Woman. Despite negative criticisms of the casting choice and her...lack of size (muscles), you can't tell me you are not excited to have Wonder Woman on the big screen! I mean if you ignore the other failed versions of the Amazonian princess, to this day there have only been two, Gal Gadot, and the most important version...Lynda Carter. Wonder Woman has been measured by her interpretation and has been a long standing idol among fans. Lynda Carter herself even approves so Gal definitely deserves her shot.

I am a huge fan of the Lynda Carter version, and I was naturally concerned for this movie version of Wonder Woman. After some footage of Gal as Wonder Woman, she could be the most intriguing Justice League member in B v S. I mean look who is up front and center, it's not the two boys having peeing contest over who needs to go away. She's all business, and I believe that Batman owes her one for saving his skin? Thank God he's loaded and he can take out for a "Thank you" dinner.

Justice is coming.

As the trinity forms, the remaining Justice Leaguers are just waiting to be discovered, saved, or even show up. The great thing about this movie is that forming of the Justice League is already taking shape in this movie & we still don't know to what extent.

We already know that Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg is confirmed for the movie.

But not much on Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps. What was dormant has recently been made known that the Green Lantern Corps is going to be in the Justice League movie! So, he may or may not be in this movie, we just know we are definitely not going to have the one from the solo movie.

Not this one.... God no!

Nonetheless, he and or they are coming, I am hoping that whoever they cast, they will incorporate a real suit and the white to have the white gloves.

Batman and Superman fight... YES!!!

Well, unless you are completely dense and really don't pay attention to detail. Batman and Superman are going to fight (Hey, It's called Batman V Superman). This not some random skirmish, this is premeditated as Batman is fully armored for a "Super" battle with Kal. This is the same armor that was worn in the graphic novel The Dark Knight returns. Expect this to be slobber knocker and then some. Whatever their motivations that led them to this moment I say, "Thank you!" (happy tear!). Now, is this a fight Batman can win?, but he will hurt Superman. According to Batman, Superman will bleed. Now, he didn't say anything about killing, so as far as we know, this is a non killing Batman, but does bring the pain and the punishment. The battle of these two titans have been debated for quite a while now, and believe it or not, a lot of fans has sided with the Dark Knight. I....was one of those people, until I came to my senses. I love Batman more than I do Superman, but I do love Superman and what he represents. There is no way Batman can beat him, outsmart, yes, but physically destroy him, no. I love how Zack Snyder is paying homage to The Dark Knight Returns. In that battle, a 50 something old Batman goes into a fight that he know he can't win. In B v S, Superman says "STAY DOWN! If I wanted it, you would be dead already." Superman can kill him, easily. I think the debate should be laid to rest. But what is important is that Batman, a mortal, is more than willing to stand toe to toe with him. Not a lot men would or even could. This is reminiscent of David and Goliath, except David will not will win, but he will make it interesting. This should be truly epic.

Multiple Villains?! Why not?!

What are superheroes without their villains? They are even more important than the superheroes themselves. What's the point in having superheroes if there aren't any real bad guys? As much as this is about B v S and the building of the Justice League, there has to be some or a lot of villain involvement. Now, each Justice League member has their own nemesis, all will not be in this movie,but which ones will be? I will go with the confirmed to the potential appearances.

Lex Luthor

Very early on we knew he would be in this movie, whether it was a cameo or heavy involvement in the story. He actually may be the main villain in the movie, or is he? He definitely will be manipulating people and situations to his advantage. The trailer may have given away too much otherwise this next one possibly wouldn't have been on my list...


Now Doomsday is guy that killed Superman years ago in the comics. I won't even flirt with the possibility that Superman gets killed in this movie, because it is not happening. 1st off, it is way too soon, 2nd, this could be just a rough draft of Doomsday before they redesign the killing machine that is able to best Kal El. While this physically looks like Doomsday, it may actually be someone else...


Remember when Superman died in the comics, kinda? Well, Zod being a Kyrptonian, it can't ruled out that he can comes back from the dead. Or what if he was a mutated version of Zod that looks like, yep, you guessed it, Doomsday. Who knows what role he plays. But I think that is a possibility.

Riddle me this? Who may not be in this movie, but is significantly a factor in the film? No, not the Riddler, but perhaps some his riddles might cameo.

The Joker

Like I said, he may not be in this movie, but what he did to Batman is here and in glaring fashion. Anyone that is a fan of Batman knows what The Joker did to one Jason Todd (Robin) many years ago in the comics. The Joker brutally beaten him nearly to death only for him to be left in an exploding warehouse. Batman is wearing that burden of sorrow and guilt of his death in Batman v Superman, which makes everything he does more heartfelt and meaningful.

Do you think Batman used some of than anger on the superhuman boy-scout? You better believe it.


Well why the hell not? These villains, this movie, are all in the same canon with Man of Steel and Batman V Superman, so what's to stop them? Well, it might not be happening. Not because they don't want to, Batman V Superman seems to be already overloaded. However, I would be surprised if one or two villains from the movie cleverly make an appearance to christen the connection. Here's to hope...or to chaos.


What is DC's answer to Marvel's Thanos? DARKSEID! DC's most powerful and evil super villain, EVER. This character could emerge at any time and that's what so scary about him coming. Not to be any more spoilery (that's not a word) than I already have been, but there was a dream sequence, I won't say who's, but in the dream, you could see his minions taking people away in a sequence that looks like a swarm. Now the dream could have been somehow a precursor to a Darkseid invasion. Who knows? But why would that dream exist if he wasn't coming? Darkseid can take on the Justice League while his arms behind his back. It's kind of his thing, backward crossed arms, mentally directionally controlled Omega Beams coming from his eyes...yeah, he is the ultimate menace.

So There!

Here are some reasons why I think Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will outperform Captain America Civil War. Before I wrote this, I went into this thinking that Civil War was going to be the better film. After writing this article, this may be a closer contest than I originally thought. Do you agree, disagree, impartial? Be on the lookout for part 2 of why I think Captain America Civil War will be better than Batman v Superman.


Do you think Batman V. Superman DOJ will be better than Captain America Civil War?


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