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Empress, a series by Isle Squared Comics, and Cruel Productions, has a lot to like. It sets a tone that reminds me of Chinatown, and even shades of LA Confidential. It has many strong elements. The most important is the fact the story moves with a maniacal rhythm. It is the story of a woman named Zia, the history of the supernatural responsibility she comes to accept, and what that means for the rest of the world. Zia, a film star, goes missing. The film studio hires a detective, Mister Lance, along with a film studio assistant, Rose, to find the missing actor.

The reader learns about Zia’s leap into insanity on a film set. We follow Mister Lance and Rose as they pick up certain clues and understand her whereabouts. We learn of Zia’s familial past and just what her future holds.

The panels in six issues of this comic move quickly and reveal the story’s purpose thoroughly. Crisp, sharp panels match the precise writing in the story. Present- day panels add strong colorful elements. Sepia panels buzz with a 1930s flavor. Panels that hang around the supernatural elements of the story add inky, black frayed and cracked panels to support the visuals of Empress.

The more action-oriented, and horrible elements of the story appear vivid, and move on the digital page. The art in Empress is both strong and dark all at once. The shadows star in these comics. Natural colors bring out a classic flavor needed for the time and place set in Empress.

The only issue I have with this series is a lack of naming locations. While it is clear certain locations represent specific areas and times, it would add a little to an already strong series.

Through six issues, Empress starts a very interesting story of a woman that comes to lord over her abilities and possibly take the comic world by storm.

Chuck Amadori and Brian Barr co-created Empress. Chuck Amadori wrote Empress. Art is by Marcelo Salaza. Colors are by Matheus Bronca and Geraldo Filho. For more information on this comic, please visit, You can also visit . You can also visit .


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