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Hugh Jackman first portrayed Wolverine in the original X-Men (2000). Since then, he has played the clawed bad ass over 5 more times and has become on of the most recognizable superheros around. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. A little while ago Jackman announced that Wolverine 3 will be his final time to wear the claws. While The Wolverine 3 is set for release in 2017, it is time to start preparing for the inevitable, recasting the most iconic actor to play a superhero. But I see a lot of these names thrown around online on who SHOULD play Wolverine, but these are the people I think SHOULDN'T take the role. Now watch me shoot down all of your choices because no one can play the role better than Jackman.

Sam Worthington

You have to be joking right ? How can anyone seriously want him to play Wolverine? It takes one glance at his IMDb page to realize that this is the worst possible choice. From his wooden performance in Avatar, to his bland attempt at pretty much everything else. It is is clear that this choice is everything but a good choice.

Scott Eastwood

While his appearance does hint at Logan ( Wolverine), Eastwood lacks the grime, grit and dirt that Wolverine has. His performances are nothing special and he lacks charisma and any charm.

Liam Hemsworth

A lot like Eastwood, just because he is a pretty face and has a beard, doesn't mean he has the chops to play Wolverine.

Jack Gyllenhaal

Firstly, Gyleenhaal is far too into all the physiological indie dramas at the moment to even think about a big blockbuster. Sure, he can give a stellar performance and can beef up or beef down for almost any role but can he stay in that figure for 5 to 10 years ? Its hard work, just ask Daniel Craig - the current Bond. He lost interest and found it difficult to stay in shape the entire time, and that coming from Bond not a oversize, muscle pumped badass.

Norman Reedus

Hmm, he plays a distant, strong, dependent guy on The Walking Dead (TWD), I guess we have to cast him in that role forever now. If Reedus was cast as Wolverine, he would never stop being typecast. Which is somethat that i imagine Reedus realizes, as his roles out of TWD include the comedy film, Vacation and Air, a sci-fi thriller. Two roles that seem opposite to his character in TWD.

Aaron Paul

I hate to typecast, but this guy is Jesse Pinkman. There is no other way around it, this is also the reason he hasn't landed any major roles. Placing a face that is so con notated with a classic TV character would only seem odd and take the audiences out of the movie.

Joel Edgerton

Recently breaking out with his directorial debut, The Gift, and proving himself as a talent in Hollywood. It would seem rather like a waste contracting him to a 8 picture deal when, by the end of it, he is going to be bored and aspiring for bigger better things.

Shia LaBeouf

This guy is straight up insane. While Wolverine can be insane at times, Hugh Jackman wasn't. It doesn't help if both the actor and the character are insane. Not only would LaBeouf be difficult to work with for his fellow actors, his track record is rather questionable.

Jon Bernthal

Six Months ago I would have said maybe. If you proposed this casting now after the fact that he's The Punisher? It's a straight up no!Double casting in the same universe ( sort of ) would be confusing for many, I also doubt he can carry a film very well. Great supporting actor, he just hasn't proved himself to be a leading man yet.

Karl Urban

After under performing in Dredd, I dont think I am ready to put this much trust in him, to me he is always the background guy. He has never stood out and if the spotlight turned to him, I doubt he could.

Tom Hardy

Possibly the most popular choice, Hardy has the looks, the accent and the attitude - he seems like the perfect fit. Even Jackman himself has said that he wouln't mind Hardy taking over the role. But is he really the perfect fit ? Hardy has proved that he isn't exceptional at commitment, evident from him pulling out of Sucide Squad when he was originally cast as Rick Flagg and swaying away from most modern blockbusters other than Mad Max. If we are getting a new Wolverine, I want one that is committed and giving it 100%, not wanting to walk away at any time. For that reason, I don't think that Hardy is the perfect fit for the role. And Wolverine deserves nothing but perfection.

Got another casting choice that I can shoot down ? Let me know in the comments.


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