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I've watched almost every movie Which are worth watching, Except for some classic ones.
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There are some who might say a movie's entire message is based on how it begins and how it ends. But there are perfectly timed directors who go the extra mile with their beginnings and endings, to add an extra level storytelling for viewers paying close attention.

James Cameron's Avatar

Avatar takes audiences to an alien world but it begins at home in a sequence, with movie's hero Jake Sully explaining that his sleep has become visions of crying ever since he was a child, but every morning when he opens his eyes he's still confined to a wheelchair.

The film chronicles his adventures on the planet Pandora ,piloting an artificially grown human natty hybrid of himself to do more than just flying, as he successfully defends the planet from his own side forces.

In the last scene Jake once again opens his eyes this time to a new body and a new reason. To exhibit the same, end credits are run over the exact same shot.

The Triangle

Watching the early scenes of this film, you may feel as if you've seen it before. When a group decide to go sailing together, unprepared for strange events, they find themselves in trouble and are relieved when they get the chance to board a passing steamer. With the steamer apparently abandoned and mysterious events on the gangways, that's only the beginning of their problems...

The survivor finally makes home but the infinite cycle of time continues.

The Butterfly Effect

2004 Ashton Kutcher starrer is no manner of explaining it to the people. Ashton Kutcher somehow finds himself in a position to be able to alter life events from the past, which consequently repaint the future. He begins to fool around with time lines again and again until he finally goes back into the womb and continues the endless loop.

Edge of Tomorrow

With the help of warrior Rita Vrataski, Major William Cage has to save Planet Earth from an alien species, after being caught in a time loop. While he finally manages to save earth sacrificing his life but guess what the the time loop continues.

12 Monkeys

12 Monkeys is focused on a single prisoner who is sent to the past to help scientists worldwide to cure of plague that killed many. The film opens with the hero dreaming of his younger self watching an undivulged man gunned down in a crowded airport ,he is unsure if the memory's real or imagined.

But he goes on to learn that the virus will be spread on purpose by a single person. He sets out to stop it from ever happening, but airport security shoot him dead in front of his younger self. The boy watches as the plane takes off setting into motion billions of deaths, ending the infinite time loop the way it began.

Cast Away

Although most of the film is set on a remote tropical island Castaway begins in the heart of Texas introducing an unknown woman sending a FedEx parcel back. The camera follows the package from there all the way to Russia,with film's hero Chuck is introduced.

When Chuck finally makes it back to civilization ,not much of his old life remains and he decides to start over from scratch, but first he has to return a package that washed ashore on the desert island along with him.

That brings us to the exact same intersection that the movie opened on, when chuck finally encounters the woman who says saved his life. After considering which direction to head in Chuck turns to the woman's disappearing truck with a smile and the film's final shot gives another look down the deserted road it opened on.

Gone Girl

David Fincher had an incredible challenge adapting the novel Gone Girl to film and the opening shot is a hard one to forget. Showing what should have been a loving scene between husband and wife - star Rosamund Pike sitting staring into the camera and Ben Affleck's narration puts audiences on edge.

The story about to unfold is anything but simple - a kidnapping, lies and murder all lead the estranged couple back to each other. They are forced to decide just how willing they are to keep playing for the sake of the marriage and public perception.

And the couple end up right back where we started from. It may have been a hard pill to swallow but the message was loud and clear and the movie ends with the exact same shot it opened on , but this time around the audience's opinion of the woman has changed.

Total Recall

It's a simple enough story, Douglas Quaid is an everyday earthling in the not too distant future ,dreams of a passionate affair with a beautiful woman on the surface of mars. So when the business company offers him to implant false memories into his brain for a price Quaid decides to make his dream a reality. The procedure goes wrong, and Quaid's false memories disappear revealing that he was a secret agent on Mars and that the woman from his dreams wasn't imaginary. At least what he thinks.

The movie never states that Quaid's return to mars ever really happened. But take a quick glance at the last scene- just how closely it resembles Quaid's dreams would certainly point to this theory being true.

Cape Fear

It's the story of a convicted criminal who seeks revenge on the lawyer who put him away by terrorizing him and his family, particularly his teenage daughter.

Beginning the movie with chilling music and a blood red close up on the daughter's eyes points audience that the story she's about to tell is violent and truly unsettling.

The family survives in the end, but the damage has been done.To remind viewers innocence is more important than revenge , And the fist ends with the close up of same eyes but this time turning from white (innocence) to red.

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