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I will NEVER give up The Lord of the Rings EVER! I love it so much I fangirl so hard I cry. Is it embarrassing? Nope. I've cried in a parking lot over a fox pin cushion you guys. I just don't care.

But this. THIS is AMAZING! It made me love the world of Tolkien all over again. It's incredible how a bit of editing and change of music selection can totally twist the tone of a story.

Many of us have seen the trailers for Suicide Squad and it looks hecka fun. But imagine The Lord of the Rings done in the same style.

Middle Earth just got a whole lot edgier.

Check out this fan trailer below made by The Unusual Suspect.

Not only is the editing on point but the chosen clips are what give it the true essence of a Suicide Squad - esque feel.

Click below and enjoy the Middle Earth mayhem.

KICK ORC BUTT. This is some inspirational awesome.

Off to go write some stories so I can pretend to be this cool!


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