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Grease: Live might have looked like a polished and glamorous affair to the untrained eye, but little did viewers know that the cast were running around with a load of lube slopped into their hair.

If you've ever idly wondered just what it takes to retain a perfect quiff while making a song and dance for a couple of hours, the answer apparently comes in the form of a slippery sex aid. But, don't take my word for it, check out the insider secret from Ana Gasteyer who played Principal McGee:

According to hairdressers, lube has long been used as an unconventional hair product and hairstylist Matt Fugate gave it a raving endorsement when he explained:

"This definitely works, and it's totally safe. It adds a lot of shine, and it will have the smallest amount of hold. It doesn't get crunchy."

And if you have a sudden urge to dump a load of KY Jelly onto your dome right now (each to their own...), Gasteyer also helpfully gave us a sneak peek of the aftermath of her lubed up locks. She captioned the Instagram pic below:

anagasteyerMorning after , still glowing from last night's thrilling ride. Also, this is how your hair looks after it's been sprayed, teased and KY'ed within an inch of its life.

Suddenly the word 'Grease' has entirely new connotations and I'm not sure I like them!

(Source: Cosmopolitan)


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