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The preamble to a cataclysmic battle is well and truly underway, with Captain America facing off against Tony Stark's Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War in May.

In addition to the epic trailer (below), more footage will be released next weekend at the Superbowl.

Until Then, Keep Your Zest For 'Civil War' In Full Flow By Looking At This Awesome Promo Art:

In one corner, fighting with Captain America (Chris Evans), we see Marvel maestros Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Sharon Carter, and the Falcon.

On Iron Man's (Robert Downey, Jr.) team, we see Black Widow, Black Panther, War Machine and the Vision.

Following on from Avengers: Age of Ultron, Civil War will show the superheroes fragment into two opposing teams due to building political pressure from the government, who wants to impose sanctions on superhuman activity.

We're guaranteed thrills. It's going to be epic. But, the important question is:


Whose side are YOU on?

Captain America: Civil War is released on May 6th this year.

Source: Comic Book Movie


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