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For many fans of The Walking Dead, the development of Carol Peletier's character has been a continual highlight throughout the show's six-year span. Transforming from victim to survivor, over the seasons Carol has unexpectedly adjusted in reaction to the post-apocalyptic world she finds herself in, morphing into a complete and utter badass, and debatably becoming the most engaging character on the show.

And now, to prove how much of a badass Carol truly is, Sydney-based student George Hatzis of Visu has put together an awesome graphic which illustrates how she transitioned from abused wife to The Walking Dead's unpredicted heroine. The graphic, which you can see below, counts how many walkers and humans she's killed over the six seasons, tallies the percentages, documents the weapons used and clarifies the reasons for each death.

So, let's begin.

Season 1: Carol's first kill comes in the form of her awful, abusive husband, Ed. She puts him out of his misery after he's munched by zombies while sulking alone in his tent, following a deserved beating from Shane.

Season 2: Zero kills. This is primarily down to her spending most of the season recovering from the brutal loss of her daughter, Sophia; a life-altering event, but one which eventually makes her stronger.

Season 3: After being separated from the group, Carol begins to come into her own. She survives within the prison's depths and slaughters seven pesky walkers within 16 episodes.

Season 4: Over this season Carol's ability to make detached decisions on behalf of the group's interest becomes increasingly apparent. She preemptively kills flu-infected members, and in episode 'The Grove' makes the excruciating choice to shoot Lizzie, after ensuring Mika doesn't reanimate.

Season 5: Carol single handedly saves the group from the cannibals at Terminus, smeared in zombie blood and wearing some random poncho. It was truly amazing.

Season 6: When the wolves attack, Carol takes matters into her own hands and (pretty much) single handedly takes them down, killing seven wolves and putting fellow Alexandria resident, Erin, out of her pain.

Totals, Weapons, and Reasons

Total Walkers killed: 35

Total Humans killed: 16

Favored weapon: Knife

Source: Comic Book, Visu


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