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Even though the Harry Potter series came to a close years ago, J.K. Rowling has still kept the magic alive by dropping snippets of wizarding information on Pottermore, as well as via her Twitter account. Indeed, since we waved goodbye to Harry, Ron, and Hermione on that King's Cross platform, we have continued to learn so much about the vast universe we grew up with.

For now though, it seems that J.K. wants to take us back to basics. Over the weekend an official Sorting Hat quiz went live on Pottermore — and unlike the numerous ones you've probably taken over the years, this is the real deal because it was developed by the author herself.

The quiz determines whether you're in Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw by asking you a series of personality questions and by placing you in a number of unique scenarios.

Oh, and when that's done, it gives you the opportunity to choose your own wand too! Here's the fine specimen I received, for instance:

Naturally, most Potter fans jumped at the chance to try out this new sorting utility — yet instead of uncontrollable excitement, many were overcome with a deep sense of despair. Indeed, when the quiz dropped, the Internet became awash with staunch criticism. Why? Well, because most people were mad they didn't get into the house they felt they deserved to be in.

Indeed, everyone essentially went a bit batshit crazy, flooding the Twittersphere with exclamations of disillusionment. Below are a set of prime examples:

I must admit, like Karina above, I also did not know what to do when I took the quiz and found out I had been sorted into Hufflepuff.

Now don't get me wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong with being a part of Helga's super chill house — after all, it was home to Cedric Diggory, Tonks, and Professor Sprout, who (let's be real!) probably grows weed out back.

However, I lamented the fact that everything I had assumed about my Slytherin self had been a lie all these years. Could the Sorting Hat have made a huge mistake? Could it have misinterpreted my character? Should I have been more true to myself and picked 'power' over 'wisdom' in that one pivotal question?

Reluctantly, I signed up with another email address to see if my true Slytherin characteristics would shine this time around. Yet, after answering a slew of questions even more truthfully than last time, I was swiftly plopped into Gryffindor!

Confused? So am I! Yet at least I get to share a house with this awesome crew while the Sorting Hat sorts itself out and stops manically allocating people right, left, and center like a confused lunatic:


Which house were you sorted into?


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