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Now, sure, Ben Affleck and Jared Leto are most likely going to kick a whole lot of butt as Batman and The Joker in this year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, and sure, Christian Bale and Heath Ledger were fantastic as the duo back in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight saga - but for the most truly fan-beloved pairing of the two comic book legends, there's really only one place you can go: Batman: The Animated Series.

For a few brief, glorious years back in the 1990s, the world was witness to Kevin Conroy and Mark 'Luke Skywalker' Hamill ripping the world of animation a new one as the voices of the Caped Crusader and the Clown Prince of Crime in Batman: The Animated Series, and if you're of a certain age (or just happened to fall in love with the show) there's simply no way of trumping the duo's magnificence.

Which is why it's oh-so-awesome that...

Kevin Conroy And Mark Hamill Are Returning To TV As Batman And The Joker

What's more, they're doing so in the greatest way imaginable (short of the return of Batman: The Animated Series) - in a brand new animated DC TV show.

That's right: the newly announced Justice League Action - a.k.a. your new favorite eleven-minute-long show - is set to feature Conroy as Batman and Hamill as The Joker. With movie legend James Woods also set to play Lex Luthor, and (one-time Batman, on Batman: The Brave and the Bold) Diedrich Bader bringing Booster Gold to animated life, the cast is already looking set to be of the highest quality, and from the sounds of the show's official description, it could really be something special:

"Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman lead the DC Comics Super Heroes against their most infamous foes in adventures packed with relentless thrills, fun and action. No need to wait for the good stuff to start, each eleven-minute episode jumps in with lightning-paced action and heroics. Whether defending the Earth, facing invaders from space, or battling the bizarre forces of magic, the always-rotating team of Justice League heroes, are up to any challenge."

Also, it's set to look like this:

Anybody else already completely over-excited?

Yup, I figured as much...

What do you think, though?



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