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Everyone knows by now that Channing Tatum is at the top of his dance game. He's sported some serious footwork in Step Up, thrusted his way through two Magic Mike movies and recently, he made the world explode with glee when he transformed into Beyonce on arguably the best show on TV right now, Lip Sync Battle. Re-watch him run the world below:

Now though, Channing has taken it to the next level in his latest role for Hail, Caesar!, a project also starring a phenomenal cast comprised of Josh Brolin, George Clooney, Ralph Fiennes, Scarlett Johansson, and Tilda Swinton. A new featurette for the movie has been released that sees good man Channing singing away to his heart's content and tap dancing as his character — singing-sailor Burt Gurney.

Speaking to People, Tatum talked of his most recent effort to put on a show-stopping performance:

"Burt Gurney, he is a song-and-dance man. Burt is with a bunch of guys doing a big dance number. I had to do flips and pull-ups, that stuff it's really, really fun."

He continued:

"Burt is the kind of an actor who has an outfit for everything. He has his eating-dinner outfit, his soul lives in his hair. I think he's kind of a moron. A lot of the actors in this movie are portrayed as morons, which I think is hilarious."

Watch him don a bit of eye-liner, ditch the Beyonce wig and belt out 'No Dames' as a female-deprived sailor in the clip below:

I can't wait!



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