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Product Placement. Either you don't really notice it or you really notice it. But sometimes, it is taken too damn far. Here is my list of 6 times that product placement was taken too far. Excluding the '80s, because no one was really self aware in the '80s.

1. Movie: 'The Internship'

Product: Google

In what pretty much is an hour and a half of kissing Google's ass, the film's entire plot and characters are based around Google. Google enjoyed the film and how it was represented so much that it didn't even charge location fees. I guess without the product, the film wouldn't exist... but is that entirely bad ?

2. Movie: 'Little Nicky'

Product: Popeye's Chicken

Just so you understand both how terrible this film is and how the scene looks like a straight up commercial, I have attached one of the least terrible placements in the film. This is not the last time the chicken is featured in the film, Sandler defeats the main villains by conjuring up a bucket of chicken. Any time that product placement is tied in directly with a plot line, it is taking it too damn far.

3. Movie: 'I, Robot'

Product: Converse

While not a key plot point like the previous choices, Will Smith's Converse in I, Robot proved to be an annoying feature throughout as he continuously shows them off, and with random characters complimenting them as they drop the entire name of the type of the shoe. Real subtle, I, Robot.

4. Movie: 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' (2014)

Product: Pizza Hut

Look, I get that the Turtles love pizza, but you do not have to drop the entire name of a menu item in a scene. "Cheese Pizza" would have been infinity better than 'Pizza Hut's 99 Cheese Pizza." Then again, Michael Bay doesn't do subtle very well.

5. Movie: 'Big Daddy'

Product: McDonald's

Look at that, Adam Sandler is on the list again. This time in what seems to be a public service announcement that the McDonald's breakfast menu finishes at 10:30, not 11:00. It completely takes the audience out of the movie and really pushes my tolerance for Sandler (back in 2002, when the tolerance was still existent).

6. Movie: 'Evolution'

Product: Head and Shoulders Shampoo

Ok, this one is the worst one yet — the main alien is defeated by using Head and Shoulders Shampoo. Now that in itself is pretty bad, but here is the film's final scene:

Seriously, that is how the movie ends, like a straight up commercial. The film literally transcended from a movie to an advertisement. But at least it is one product, not over 50, unlike another film ...

7. Movie: 'Transformers: Age of Extinction'

Product: Literally too many to count

This film is a three hour advertisement with a loose plot tied in. With over 50 products, companies, and technology advertised. There is everything from a car to protein powder to Beats music pill. Bay has done it again and his placement is anything but subtle. If you are interested JoBlo, JoBloMovies has analyzed the entire film in all of its product placement glory.

There is the list of TERRIBLE product placement. If you are looking for a mix between genius and advertising Wayne's World is your place:

Did I miss any placement that took it too damn far? Let me know in the comments below.


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