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Reaching a hundred posts is never easy.

As promised, a short review on The Truman Show. I know it's been a long time since you guys watched this movie and maybe you forgot about it.

But on the road to a hundred posts, I thought I'd remind you of what it was like first watching this.
In it's surreality, I always thought this movie was set in the Twilight Zone, and lo and behold once I truly did watch it, I understood why I felt that.

In a world plagued by the thought of reality television. Truman thinks his world is real. Now thought of as a cliché, at it's time it was considered visionary as this was the time reality television was just about to evolve and start to become popular. Truman is an odd person but is surrounded by odd people. He has a routine like everyone else, and goes day-to-day without questioning it.

But one day, he starts to feel like somebody's watching, somebody's accompanying him. But he can't see them nor feel them. Obviously this is to introduce the insight to the fourth wall. Apparently the fourth wall term was coined at a play, but it has always been around for as long as the television was invented really because the people always knew that it was not real and just an act.

But this was a new idea, as Truman is truly innocent, but the audience, the audience is real, I mean that's what they imply, and they even encourage Truman to exit the set at the end of the movie.

And the movie really centers how all of a sudden his environment turns on him in an instant, all of whom are actors and are in on it, trying to force Truman to continue living in that dreamland, or that fantasy that he has known his whole life and thus, forces the question toward reality television.
And I won't get into much of that as i never enjoyed reality television, but it's obvious that parts are scripted and acted out, and never truly "real", and if it was it'd most likely be a TMZ show especially for celebrities, or indie films that truly do experimental stuff like Boyhood.

But at the end of the day, it's still Truman's show, and ultimately for me at least, it's his decision that he wants to take and leave the set.

And for me this movie moved me in a way I never realized until now, that we are controlled whether we like it or not and whether you want to debate it or not, because we're always controlled by society, from the way we dress to the way we talk, and whether we truly have our own individualities is another debate that can be dug in deeper, at risk. But, for me I always think that, it depends on perception as most things do, and for me, at the end of the day, there's always going to be something you feel happen is always something comforting to know with Truman leading the way.

And as always, Good Morning!, Good Afternoon!, and if I don't see you Good Night!


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