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Spyro the Dragon is back, sort of. Take a look at what this classic PS1 game looks like when built on today's Unreal 4 engine. Hits ya right in the feels doesn't it!?

Spyro was a small purple dragon that would jump, glide and slide his way through a beautiful world searching for fellow dragons that he must free from crystal prisons. An absolute classic that blessed almost everyone's PS1 console.

No, before you start to fret, this is not another woeful attempt at a remake of our beloved Spyro, this is the genuine article. This latest offering from IamMurloc brings the actual first stage of 1998's Spyro the Dragon crashing into the 21'st century's gaming revolution.

Players will already be able to recognise a few familiar locations from the first stage in the images scattered throughout the article - check out the portal to Stone Hill, those classic gems and of course, Spyro himself.

This game will be an exact replica of the original, built using the latest in Unreal technology. Today, we have just a few snaps from the very first stage of the game, but I am sure you will agree this project is shaping up nicely. There will be much more to come from Spyro as development progress'.

Another wonderful nugget of gaming pleasure that I bet you never even realised that you needed. This game, when completed, will be enjoyed by everyone and anyone. A classic rediscovered.

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