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After months of hinting, we finally got to see Kara and Bizarro go head to head in Supergirl S01E12! Bizarro's development was interesting, and Lord's use of electro-shock brainwashing made Bizarro a sympathetic figure, despite the fact that she's an antagonist.

Comic book Bizarro-girl is a lot less sympathetic.
Comic book Bizarro-girl is a lot less sympathetic.

Her fight scenes with Supergirl were fantastic, heightened by the practical wire effects which the show does so well. We were left with the possibility that they might work together in the future, as the DEO took Bizarro into their care. All in all, Supergirl adapted Bizarro-girl's comic book incarnation well, as her original character is quite different...

Bizarro, Not Bizarro-Girl

Bizarro-girl in the DC comics hails from Bizarro World, a planet created by the original Bizarro: Superman's imperfect clone. Because she was created in a similar way by Maxwell Lord, Supergirl's Bizarro is actually far more similar to Bizarro-Superman than to DC Comics' Bizarro-girl.

Bizarro-girl in DC Comics
Bizarro-girl in DC Comics

Of course, Supergirl's Bizarro is not a clone of Kara, which means eventually we might see her return to who she used to be. In other ways, Supergirl's Bizarro is similar to the Bizarro-girl of the comics, as the two end up learning to work together. Here's hoping we can eventually see this on the show too!

But it wasn't all about the rivalry between Kara and Bizarro: this episode also developed a few romantic threads which were long overdue for a resolution.

Too Many Romantic Subplots?

The introduction of Adam as Kara's love interest felt very rushed, and it's a shame that relationship was shelved so quickly. What should have been an interesting dynamic between the two of them was played off mainly to prompt James Olson into accepting his feelings for Kara.

Kara and Adam in Supergirl episode 12.
Kara and Adam in Supergirl episode 12.

This definitely could have been drawn out over a few episodes, as Kara and Adam's breakup scene felt simultaneously hollow and melodramatic (they only just met, after all). The show might be trying to juggle too many romantic subplots at once: S01E12 featured three different men pining after Kara, and it felt a bit much, although James and Winn's discussion was a nice progression of their friendship. Kara's isolation by the end of the episode did lead neatly into the S01E13 preview though, which teased Kara being trapped in a dream world...

No Mercy For Kara

Episode 13 is already looking great, as the Black Mercy creature traps Kara in her perfect life. Check out the promo!

It's interesting to note that Kara's condition forces the DEO to work with Astra, which probably counts Astra out as the person who sent Black Mercy to attack Kara. So who planned this? It's very unlikely the creature is working alone as it has low level sentience, and it's possible the showrunners are setting up the introduction of a new villain: Mongul!

Will Supergirl Get A New Villain?

With Lord locked up, and a tenuous truce with Azra's Kryptonian army, now would be the perfect time to introduce a new antagonist. And it looks like Supergirl is about to do just that!

In the comics, Mongul is the villain who harvests the Black Mercy (which is actually a sentient plant), using the creatures to attack heroes like Green Lantern and Superman.

Mongul v Superman in the comics.
Mongul v Superman in the comics.

Would this villain work for Supergirl, though? Mongul is definitely an unlikely choice for the CBS show, as he comes from another planet. The larger-than-life antagonist would be difficult to incorporate into the fairly grounded show. But if they do introduce Mongul in 'For The Girl Who Has Everything,' this would open the show up to new plot possibilities which could be really exciting.

The alternative: Black Mercy is working alone, or has been sent by someone else. It's all very intriguing, and we can't wait to find out what happens next!


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