ByEdwin Love, writer at
Edwin Love

Frankly... If Hawkeye is on Captain America's side that says it all right there for me... "His eyes see everything..." We've already proven that Black Widow will rarely buck the system and go with the most powerful side whilst believing she herself is a monster, we've seen how Tony has become more and more unstable with every new story line leading me to believe he needs something to lead him or some sense of order to follow, we all know how Vision is a cold calculating AI in a Gods body so rules would mean more to him that honor or commitment, we all know that War Machine would follow Tony anywhere (much the same way the Falcon will follow Captain America); and lastly We have the black panther, who is a very dark (no pun intended) and violent action hero from his comics... Mostly I just want Hawkeye's team to win, because I like his character the most... lulz


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