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Good morning, Vault-Tec calling! Has anyone ever tried to sell you a position in a state of the art underground Fallout shelter?

Near the very beginning of Fallout 4, a charming young Vault-Tec salesman knocks on your door and outlines the basics of the Vault-Tec shelter system. He explains that the player has a pre-selected spot designated in their Sanctuary Vault (111). This cold call, in Fallout 4, turned out to be rather beneficial to the player — but what if it happened in real life?

ICEnJAM has done just that. Using specific lines from the Vault-Tec salesman's dialog and tailoring it to responses he gets over the phone as he attempts to sell spots in a Vault-Tec's state of the art underground shelters.

The results are, as you would expect, hilarious. With references to Super Mutants and impending nuclear war, it is surprising that some people didn't freak out a little more than they did. Most people dismissed the call after a few lines but one guy totally loses it — "STOP CALLING ME, I DON'T WANT A FALLOUT SHELTER!"

Make sure you watch to the end as there is another nugget of Fallout awesomeness hidden in there. Remember that Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test that the soul survivor takes? Yup, some guy answers these too — I will let you be the judge — does he get access or not?

I would love to get a call from this guy! It is a testament again to the quality of the voice acting given to Fallout 4. If it wasn't for the mention of mutated arms and Super Mutants invading your home, this plucky salesman may have sold a few places.

Speaking of Fallout characters, out of everyone in Fallout 4, who would you like to receive a call from? And if you had the chance to ask just one question, what would it be?

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