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Everything has a movie nowadays. It doesn't matter if it's a toy franchise, a cult comic book, or even a mobile phone app: if its marketable, it's gonna be a movie. Such is the case of Angry Birds, which will be released in May.

And it looks like Rovio might be putting all their eggs in one basket with the film (pun intended), as they were just forced to lay off 40% of their employees. The only staff remaining are those that worked on the film. Ouch. This movie better be worth it. But so far it looks... mediocre at best. Check out the trailer, if you have 2.5 minutes to kill.

Yep, that's a kid's movie about Angry Birds alright. At least, that's what I was thinking right up until the end. And then the 17 seconds of a bird peeing into a lake made me question that assumption. Is this movie really aimed at kids? Or have they got young adults in mind?

Considering the fact that the majority of people who use the app are adults, it's possible the Angry Birds movie has misjudged their demographic somewhat. Overall this film seems as though it's made for kids and families, which while that means it has a wide reach also means it lacks originality. But hey, it's a movie based on an app. And it certainly looks fun, and even enjoyable. Probably.

The plot is pretty standard animated movie fare, or so it seems from the synopsis...

The movie takes place on Bird Island, an untouched paradise inhabited by birds who are naive and innocent, who know nothing of the outside world. They treasure eggs, and are all carefree and easygoing, except for few.
Red, the lead of the film, had lost his temper quite a few times. Another angry bird is Chuck, who moves fast and talks fast. Bomb frequently blows up due to his disorder IED, Intermittent Explosions Disorder. Bomb lives in a bomb shelter.
The birds are visited by pigs, who are dumb but funny. The birds and pigs befriend each other and have a party, but Red does not trust the pigs at all.

I mean, fair enough. The pigs are kinda shifty looking.

Leonard and his son in Angry Birds
Leonard and his son in Angry Birds

So it seems as though Red and his two unlikely friends must team up to stop the pigs from doing whatever they're planning to do (probably colonise the island). And also "save the world" in the process? I have no idea what kind of threat several green pigs pose to Earth, but I'm willing to bet the solution is for the birds to catapult themselves at the pigs. And really, would we expect anything less?

Angry Birds will be released in the United States on May 20th, 2016.


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