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Games are awesome!

Life is Strange really cannot be described. It is a totally unique EXPERIENCE, that in unbelievable way deceives and its magic can only be experienced firsthand.

Incredible from start and even more incredible 'till finish.

You wouldn't assume to form any sort of attachment to so many characters in a game at the start, but throughout each episode, you get more and more enthralled by the story and everything that's going on around you.

A fantastic game from Squire Enix

1.Graphics is just awesome.Color combination used here is just perfect and capture the true American theme...what is more, the attention given to graphics is insane ..even the little things are done with care....

I normally don't play these types of games, so I had extremely low expectations going in. This goes far beyond the point and click adventure game. On first play I was dismissing this as a game targeting teen girls. And then suddenly it got real. You know that rare moment when you play a new game and then suddenly you "get it" and then a massive hammer of possibilities hits you in the face? That happens here.

You should not be reading this review. Play the game now!

Rating: M

Developer: DONTNOD Entertainment

Genre(s): Action Adventure

Cast Credit

Christian Divine - Writer

Amaury Balandier - Artist

Jonathan Morali - Composer

Jean Luc Cano - Writer

Luc Baghadoust - Producer

Michel Koch - Artist

Kenny Laurent - Artist


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