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I LOVE Marvel movies. The Avengers is one of the best movies of all time in my book. Guardians of the Galaxy proved that no matter how obscure the property is, if it's Marvel and it's good, we'll flock to it in droves. The thing is though, Marvel could be 200% better with some work. If they make some changes, I think Marvel could permanently dominate all other franchises. Here are a few big things they could do to crush the competition (That one thing we all desperately want them to do? You know the one. I saved it for last.).

1: Expand Marvel Live Action TV

Disney owns at least three more channels that could contain some Marvel offerings. Disney Channel would be a great place for a Kamala Kahn series, and the Young Avengers would fit in well on ABC Family (or whatever weird new name they've given it). How about a Nova series on Disney XD? Come on, Disney and Marvel, you've got a full hand - play some cards!

2: Blend TV and Movies Better

Marvel, you constantly say "it's all connected". Well, I say "bull". I don't care how often Agent Coulson says "we know the Avengers, we're just too busy with Inhumans to call them up", we the fans need these two properties to crossover. I want Coulson, May, Daisy, and the rest to feature in Marvel movies ASAP, and would it kill Jeremy Renner or Chris Evans to pop in and do one 45 minute episode. Even a quick cameo would satisfy my desire for a REAL interconnected universe and make the MCU even better!

3: Use What They Can In The Parks

Sadly, universal owns the theme park rights to the Avengers. If only there was another team of Marvel heroes whose film did well and would offer a great ride experience to park go-ers... Hold up! How about the Guardians of the Galaxy?! Anyone who's been to a Disney Park knows that the prison escape scene felt like Marvel's Star Tours. You have the rights, Disney, and I want a Guardians Ride to go with my Star Wars Land!

4: Work Out A Deal With Universal

Let's face it Disney, Universal has had the upper hand lately park wise with all of their interactive worlds. Star Wars Land is coming and so is Avatar, but then what? It's time for Marvel Land.

I want to walk around Stark's Mansion and that cool Avengers Facility. The Toy Story Midway Mania concept would make for a really cool Avengers ride! How about a schwarma joint for all the foodies? The ideas are bountiful, just ask the fans. It would be in your best interest Disney, to work something out.

5: Make Peace With Fox

We wouldn't have the Marvel universe without the X-Men. Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart started it all. Now that the original X-Men are aging out it's time for a reboot. Fox is trying time travel, which I'm sorry, is just confusing. So, why not do what Sony did with Spider-man? Share with Marvel and start fresh in a hugely populated universe.

There's also the matter of the Fantastic 4. The newest crap fest took Marvel's first family to an all time low. Fox, if nothing else, can real Marvel take a crack at the characters that really made Marvel comics what it is. A Marvel studios F4 movie would no doubt be good and would mend the trashed reputation of the Human Torch and the Thing.

Come on, Marvel! The Avengers was a bold move, and look at how that turned out. Take some more long shots! Take some risks! You'll no doubt end up on top.


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