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So many times have Marvel and DC teased us with the potential death of a major character, whether it be Jason Todd as Robin, Superman's death in the early 90's or even by flat out calling their story arc; "The Death of Wolverine".

But this past month, Marvel began to tease one of their next big events, after Civil War 2 of course. Sending out a cryptic black and white image simply reading; "Dead No More".

Ever since the image his the bloodstream of the internet, speculation has been rampant on who could be returning to the land of the living. Everyone ranging from Wolverine, the original Captain Marvel, to Jean Grey's Phoenix and even Gwen Stacy and more surprisingly, Uncle Ben.

So let's take a look at the 5 big names being thrown around.

Mar-Vel (Original Captain Marvel): Marvel Studios is gearing up for the release of their solo Captain Marvel movie in 2019, with the main story most likely revolving around the Carol Danvers version of the character. By bringing back Mar-Vel in the comics, they inject that character back into the mainstream perhaps for a bigger role in the MCU.

Wolverine: Recently killed off in a 2014 comic arc, I'm less likely to believe this one as we currently have not only a Wolverine in the All New All Different reboot, but we also have Old Man Logan. Brining back that deceased version would quite clutter the prone to be cluttered Marvel Universe.

Jean Grey's Phoenix: Despite one of her powers being based around returning from the grave, this character has remained surprisingly dead. While younger versions of Grey have popped up over the years since the Phoenix Saga, the return of Jean Grey is an event that Marvel has stated they don't want to rush. Is 2016 when they finally tell us that story?

Gwen Stacy and Uncle Ben: I'm even more less likely to believe that bringing back either of these two characters is the case. Their deaths are perhaps the two most polarizing events for the character of Spider-Man and the driving force behind every thing he does and fights for.

So who do you think is on their way back to the land of the living? One of the five discussed above, or do you think Marvel will throw us a curveball. I'm hoping for the swerve, keep us on our toes in an ever predictable world.


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