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Though it's still only February, supernatural nerve-shredder The Witch is shaping up to be one of the scariest movies of the year. To add to its harrow-promising allure The Satanic Temple has fervently recommended the film, with Temple leader Jex Blackmore proclaiming it to be "a transformative satanic experience."

Writer and director Robert Eggers went to fastidious lengths to ensure his 17th century puritanical nightmare remained as historically accurate as possible; an effort that didn't go unnoticed. Blackmore says:

When I saw The Witch I was incredibly impressed by the historical accuracy and a rehashing of folklore that is part of American history.

Check out her ringing endorsement in full below:

In fact, The Satanic Temple are so impressed by The Witch that they're putting on a series of special screenings, accompanied by a four-part tour of interactive performances entitled ‘The Sabbat Cycle.’ Bear with me here.

The cycle begins with the theme of ‘Awakening’ to the primal self, followed by the ‘Rebellion’ of oppressive traditions, a ‘Convocation’ of the Satanic coalition and, finally, an ‘Ascension.’

If that sounds like your jam then check the event dates below, or head to the Satanic Revolution website for more details.

  • NYC screening: Wednesday, February 10
  • LA screening: February 12
  • Austin screening: February 16
  • Detroit screening: Date TBA

The Witch opens on (slightly more conventional) screens on February 19.

[Via: ScaredStiff]


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