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Kim K might live a huge amount of her life in the public eye, but even the most accessible of celebs has some seriously interesting trivia nuggets buried just beneath the surface for those who care to dig.

I've dusted of my Yeezy brand spade (I wouldn't be surprised if there was one in the new kollection tbh...) to do the grunt work so you don't have to and here are the 14 most interesting Kim facts that I unearthed for your viewing pleasure.

1. Before she was famous, Kim made her $$$ with a closet organizing and styling service. Her clients included Paris Hilton, Brandy and Nicole Ritchie.

2. And she went by the Myspace name of Princess Kimberly

3. Paris helped to put Kim into the public eye, but those images of her treating her friend like a servant are totally FAKE

The real conversation is even funnier, it reads:

Paris: I love this closet, it's so good.

Kim: What's going on with this?

Paris: That's my 'If I ever go to India' outfit.

Kim: Really?

Paris: Yes.

Kim: Are you planning on going?

Paris: Yes, but don't you have to, like, cover up everything?

Kim: You're not allowed to show any of your hair. It's like a law.

Paris: Are you allowed to have blond hair? If you travel there do you really have to do this?

Kim: I think so, or you'll get like shot or something.

Paris: That's hot.

4. Kim's first boyfriend Michael Jackson's nephew Tito who she went out with between the ages of 14 and 16

Kim and Tito Jackson
Kim and Tito Jackson

She explained to Oprah that her mom Kris Jenner helped her to stay safe:

"When I did want to have sex the first time I was almost 15. I was like, ‘I think I’m going to, or I want to,’ and she was like, ‘OK, so this is what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna put you on birth control,’ and she was like, really open and honest with me."

5. Kim's father wrote her a letter when she was 13 about how her body would "lead to attention from men" urging her to "understand her self worth"

Kim explained to Elle magazine that she hated her body when she was a young teenager and her father helped her to become more confident, she explained:

"When I was 13 my father wrote me a letter. I was unhappy with my body – I developed really early. Every night I would sit in the bath and cry, I prayed my boobs would stop growing. He told me I had a body not many girls have, that later it would lead to attention from men, but that the most important thing was that I was a wonderful girl and I had to understand my self worth."

6. One of Kim's biggest regrets is this music video for 'Jam (Turn it Up)' which she made back in 2011

In Kim's own words:

“What gave me the right to think I could be a singer?”

7. Which is kind of surprising because she was also in 'Disaster Movie' back in 2008 and she won a Razzie for her efforts

8. And let's not even go there with that other tape that was released just a month after Kim categorically denied its existence. Ouch.

When asked about the tape before it surfaced Kim told Complex that:

"There is no sex tape! Ray J’s not the kind of guy who would do something for revenge. There is no amount of money that could ever convince me to release any tape, even if I had one. I don’t need the money!"

9. But, while we're talking sex, you might as well know that Kim would totally get it on with herself if she had the chance

On Kourtney and Kim Take Miami Kim said:

“If I was a man, I would want to know what it’s like to have sex with myself. I would just want to know what it would feel like hitting it from the back.”

10. Kanye stripped Kim's closet of items he didn't approve of in the early stages of their relationship

And when Kim asked to save some pieces for a potential future daughter, Kanye replied:

"Well, if she’s going to be our daughter she’s never going to wear those."


11. Kim K loves 'Twilight'... and Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner

In 2009 the reality TV star was totally swept up in the blood sucking trend and told Popeater that:

"I want to be a vampire. I would be one that was probably nice — no, I kind of want to be evil. I don’t know what I’d want to be — just a vampire. I would die to be in Twilight, being around all those hot guys"

There is no word if she's on team Edward or team Jacob.

12. While we might all have our eyes on Kylie, Kim thinks Kendall will be the most famous member of the Kardashian klan

Kim told Elle Magazine that:

"I think she will be a huge star. I definitely think she will be bigger than I have ever been."

13. She might be known for her beauty and glamor but even Kim pisses her panties sometimes

"I always pee all over my Spanx, it's a disaster. They aren't crotchless enough!"

14. But you can't blame her, she's new to this underwear game

Back in Feb last year Kim admitted that she was ascending from her throne as commando queen:

"I only just started wearing underwear a month ago, and I never wore underwear until then."

We love ya, Kim. Never change.

What's your favorite insane Kim K fact?

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