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THE BRITISH ARE COMING! THE BRITISH ARE COMI... oh wait, they're already here, and we love them.

British media is huge. Some may argue it is bigger than any other media source. American media realized this, and that's why they steal so many shows from the British. A few examples are, Top Gear, Britain's got talent (America's got talent), Whose Line is it Anyway?, and The Office. Those are huge shows! All of them are over five seasons long, some have over ten! Then they have their original shows like Sherlock, Doctor who, Broadchurch, Man VS Wild, and others.

This is my personal idea as to what started this British phenomenon. Drum Roll Please...

Wallace and Gromit! If you dont remember them, here is a refresher:


These two fellas are one of the oldest British shows that made it big in the states. The show first aired back in 1989, Wallace and Gromit were two friends, one human, one a dog, and they had a mini series. I Personally I am a huge Sherlock fan, and can't wait for the new season... series? I guess it's called series, to come out this year!

Now, why do I bring this topic up? Reason number one, because I love writing and I wanted to do something I've never seen before, and reason number two, I just don't hear people talk about why this is a thing. People talk about Sherlock, Doctor Who, Top Gear, and others all the time, never realizing, that what they are in love with, isn't even made where they live. Not that It's it a bad thing, it's not, it's great as I have mentioned before. It's the stuff that isn't talked about that is the most interesting.

So now that we have covered what British media is to us, and where it started, let's talk about why it's popular. I have three reasons as to why people love the British media so much:

  • The Accent
  • Hipsters
  • It's different.

We like new. We like fresh. We like different. Humans are sick of the same old same old, it's in our nature to want different things. We hear the same voices, taste the same foods, smell the same nasty street corners, its boring. People hate boring.

First point: The Accent.

British accents are fun and different, and because of that we want to hear more of it. So much more, and because of that, they can be spewing absolute nonsense, and its all we would want to listen to.


Reason number two: Hipsters.

The out of the norm loves their starbucks and Harry Potter before it was cool, playing two cords of guitar on a college campus to get some girls hipster. The urban Dictionary defines Hipsters as,

"Definitions are too mainstream. Hipsters can't be defined because then they'd fit in a category, and thus be too mainstream."

And defines it as,

"usually young person who is trendy, stylish, or progressive in an unconventional way; someone who is hip."

So if you are a young American hipster, by these two definitions, plus what the general idea of what a hipster is, you can agree you like outside of the norm stuff, and because hipsters have become so common the outside the norm things have become the norm... anyway! That's a whole other topic. So with that, all these hipsters watching these shows, the ratings go up, the advertisement goes up, they end up on Netflix, and then EVERYONE AND THERE MOTHER is watching these shows.

My third and final reason: It's different.

This one really takes everything else that was said and wraps it in a nice little bow. Just all in all, it's not what we are used to, yet. We enjoy it to get away from this


and this

That last one... come on. Is that what we have come to?

What do you guys think? Is there too much? Not enough? Whatever the case, British TV is here to stay, at least for now. Who knows what the next fad is going to be. Let's just avoid this okay?




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