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This morning, Moviepilot was lucky to partner up with Sacha Baron Cohen for a live Q&A session on our Facebook page.

Cohen was with us to promote his upcoming film The Brothers Grimsby, but he was still happy to answer some questions that relate to his famous mockumentary past.

Although I wish I could be here reporting that Cohen is working hard on bringing us a sequel to his hilarious and critically-acclaimed comedy Borat, that's sadly not the case.

Sacha Baron Cohen is answering your questions LIVE on Moviepilot at 11:30am ET / 8:30am PT for The Brothers Grimsby!Submit your questions here!

Posted by on Monday, February 1, 2016

When inquiring minds on the Moviepilot Facebook page asked if there would ever be a sequel to the 2006 mockumentary, the film's writer, producer, and star shut down any hopes of seeing a Borat 2 anytime in the near future.

The optimist in me wants to say that anything's possible, but after hearing it from Borat himself, it's probably better to temper any hopes.

Considering it's been a decade since the movie was released, this announcement doesn't really come as much of a surprise. Still, it would have made a fantastic 10th anniversary surprise to see Borat 2 in theaters.

In the meantime, I'll still be rushing to the theaters to see Sacha Baron Cohen's latest spy comedy, The Brothers Grimsby.

The Brothers Grimsby will be released in theaters on March 11, 2016.


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