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I am an avid movie watcher. I love all genres of movies, old and new, big blockbusters and straight to dvd. However, horror films are my fav
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I decided to continue my previous list of my favorite horror deaths. Let me know what you're favorites are.

Keep Rollin'

Critters may not have been such a scary film, but it's always been one of my favorite creature features. My favorite kill comes from Critters 2. The Critters attack the small town of Grover's Bend once again. After a botched plan to try an blow up all of the Krites, the little Critters join together and form a giant ball. Heading towards town, a man is gets rolled over by the giant ball of Krites and all that is left is his skeleton.

Get off your phone!

I think this is what some people imagine doing when people use their phones in the theater. In See No Evil, Jacob Goodnight, stalks and kills delinquent teens in an abandoned hotel. One of the teen girls enjoys her cell phone a little too much. She is caught by Jacob and he kills her by shoving her phone down her throat. Who said technology couldn't kill you?

Thank you Vincent

I wasn't a huge fan of the House of Wax remake, like most people. However, it had one of my favorite kill. I almost cheered in the theater. Paris Hilton's character is chased into a car garage by a masked killer named Vincent. While hiding behind a vehicle, she peeks out to look for Vincent. He sees her, throws a pipe through a car window and straight through her head.


After a car crash in the middle of the West Virginia woods, six people are stalked by three inbred cannibals. Francine, played by Lindy Booth, is left behind at the crash site with her boyfriend. She walks into the woods by herself, which is never a good idea. One of the cannibals comes from behind her and puts a section of barbed wire around her head and over her mouth. He pulls the wire until it cuts to the back of her mouth.

Pass me the ball

Bringing people back from the dead is never a good idea. After his homemade robot and his love interest Sam are killed, a teen boy decides to bring them both back. He puts his robots mind into his love interest's dead body. Sam comes back with some deadly intentions. She first goes after the mean old woman that killed his robot. Using a basketball, Sam throws it straight at the old woman, completely exploding her head.

Lollipop, Lollipop

This was a great way to start Trick r' Treat. A young couple returns home after some Halloween fun. The wife wants to start taking down the Halloween decorations, but her husband makes reference to some Halloween rules that say you should leave decorations up. Of course she doesn't listen, but someone sees her and doesn't like what she is doing. That someone is little Sam, the film's guide through these tales of terror. He attacks her while the husband is inside asleep. He kills her with the most unique weapon I've ever seen, a lollipop. Sam then puts up her dead body as a Halloween decoration on the front lawn.


Trying to do the right thing, a young store clerk tries to help a woman being chased by a killer. Chromeskull approaches the store and the young clerk comes out with a shotgun. Without hesitation, Chromeskull grabs the gun, shoves it underneath the clerk's head, and BOOM! The front half of the clerk's face is gone.

Splitting headache

Every horror fan knows that you never mess with Kane Hodder. He was the best Jason Voorhees and in Hatchet he was the awesome Victor Crowley. These films had great kills and such awesome graphics, no CGI kills here. My favorite kills is when Crowley grabs a female tourist, puts his hands in her mouth and pulls her jaws apart like a Pez dispenser.


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