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If you have ever read the Deadpool comics than you would know that Deadpool has quite a lot of abilities and weapons. They are all very powerful and have destroyed many enemies....and friends. Deadpool really doesn't care unless he gets his paycheck.


1. Teleportation Device

  • Wrist teleporter
  • Belt teleporter
  • Macho Gomez's Space Sedan
  • Pirate Ship (yes that's real)

Deadpool recently has stopped using teleportation devices stating that they are to easy to get out of battle.

2. Unlimited Ammo Belt

After Deadpool was looking around his backyard, he found a magic belt that carried unlimited ammo and arsenal.

3. Image Inducer

This device transfers a hologram that confuses enemies into thinking he is a different person.

4. Deadpool's Suit

This suit is a full body suit that allows Deadpool to undergo a lot of physical pressure.

5. Carbonadium Katanas

These katanas are swift and deadly, and can even reverse the healing factor.

6. Guns, Grenades, Swords and Knives

Deadpool can wield and is trained for any weapon known to man.


1. Regenerative Healing Factor

Given by Wolverine's healing factor, Deadpool can heal any wound in a matter of seconds. He can even be beheaded, find his head, put it back on and be fine. This healing factor gives Deadpool immortality, psychic immunity, possesion resistance and even disease immunity.

2. Superhuman Everything...

  • Deadpool can lift up to 2 tons
  • Deadpool can run up to 80 mph.
  • Superhuman agility
  • Reflexes are faster than any human
  • Superhuman durability

3. Master Assassin

Trained in every assassination technique; Deadpool can weild any weapon making him an amazing advantage for stealth, or straight up assassination.

4. Master In The Martial Arts

Considered one of the best hand to hand skilled combat fighters in all of Marvel Lore; Deadpool has taken down some of the greatest Marvel heroes a fan can think of.

Unique Abilities:

1. Awareness

Deadpool knows that he is in a comic book, video game, TV show or movie and this confuses many allies and enemies.

2. Unpredictability

Deadpool is never predictable, even confusing himself, he usually wins in battle due to random fighting styles.

3. Multilingual

Deadpool is fluent in Spanish, Japanese, German, and Russian.

Hopefully fans will get to see most of these in the upcoming film but we shall see. This list was made possible due to research from the Marvel database so go check them out!

What traits of Deadpool do you want to see in his upcoming film?

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