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If you follow Kaley Cuoco on social media, you're probably aware of the fact that she's a serious animal lover. Between having a house full of dogs and occasionally hanging out with giant snakes, she doesn't discriminate when doling out her affection.

In addition to acting, Kaley also partakes in some extracurricular activities that allow her to showcase her talents while also spending time with some adorable four-legged friends.

As it turns out, Cuoco is a skilled horseback rider and frequently posts images and videos about her horses.

Thank you for making me brave the open water! this girl is a beast!

Netty warming up this morning...I could barely contain her super-girl powers !

She's also an advocate for the Humane Society's SAFE Act, which aims to end the horse meat trade in the United States.

I care strongly about protecting horses from cruelty, and I urge Congress to act swiftly to end horse slaughter.

Given her outspoken position on the protection of horses and all animals, Kaley Cuoco was recently named 2015's Horsewoman of the Year by the Human Society.

Thank you to the @humanesociety society for making me 2015's Horsewoman of the Year! I will continue to raise awareness and do all I can to prevent horses from slaughter and abuse thank you so much!!!!

According to the Humane Society's Instagram page, she was granted this award for "for her dedication to saving America's horses from slaughter and cruelty."

Bravo, Kaley! We commend you for your efforts in improving the lives of horses and animals everywhere. Happy riding!


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