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Jeffrey Ryan Porter

Even if an unimaginable person had never seen a film in their life they would have heard the name Rocky. Writer, directer and actor Sylvester Stallone has devoted his heart and soul into film and has done so with an articulate nature in which he has done so. Unfortunately some audience members may not have gotten past his slurred speech (caused at birth due to complications when doctors had to use forceps and accidentally severed a nerve that resulted in paralysis) or some of his less than stellar films, some may not know how great he really is. His story is one of heart, relentlessness and knowing your own worth. Now, he is the running to win Best Supporting Actor in this years Academy Awards, and he undoubtedly deserves it.

Stallone had small parts in film and television before he conceived Rocky, but nothing that propelled him to stardom in Hollywood. He was broke, 30 years old and falling behind on bills. Although three and a half days changed his life. He wrote a script that would later become Rocky! (In which 14 pages of the last fight between him and Apollo were scripted hit for hit, left jab, right hook, and so on) He declined many offers to sell his script because he wanted to portray Rocky himself. He would rather have buried it in his backyard then see another man in his spot. Numerous leading men were thought of for the part by the studio, but each time he held out. He couldn't see himself sell out his passion for three hundred thousand dollars. Sure, he could have gotten out of debt and bought a nice house for his family, but he knew he had more inside of him. Finally, after haggling, they finally accepted Stallone to take the role and he even got some of his family into the film as well - his brother, father and his dog, Butkus! With all of his heart he made Rocky into what it is today, a film of heart and always stand your ground. This kind of passion is what we reward people for and he first proved worthy with Rocky. With his success came many other fine roles and heroes to us all. He brought this energy back to Creed, and for his undying love he should be awarded his first Academy Award.

A man turned his life around in three and half days and hasn't stopped because of his fans. To this day, after Rocky, Rambo, Assassins and other great, entertaining films he continued with movies like The Expendables he has proved his love for the art and for his fans. He could have sat back in his mansion with all the money he would ever need but he wanted to create something special for his fans, and he has by bringing the greatest action heroes to one film series. Finally, he brings us Creed, a truly remarkable feat and fantastic work of art.

Sylvester has brought many great moments and unforgettable characters to life, and has never gotten the award I feel he deserves. It is his time, because he has spent his life perfecting his art. His attention to detail and his unyielding will to bring his dreams to life is worth it by their own means. He is a hero, a mentor, a legend.


Does Stallone deserve the Oscar for best supporting actor this year?

Check out Sylvester's beautiful acceptance speech after winning a Golden Globe for best supporting actor. (Though it didn't air he did return to stage to thank Michael B. Jordan, ect... So much back lash to a man under pressure and emotion.)


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