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Do you believe in fairytales? If so, you have been, or should be, watching Once Upon A Time on ABC Sunday nights! Right now, it is on hiatus so for us fans, it's time to review and speculate.

When we left off there were so many twists and turns. Season 5 was the craziest season yet!

From Emma being transported to the enchanted forest to there being two dark ones, there was alot going on! We 'lost' some people and gained others. It left off with a huge cliff hanger that has us all wondering who will pop up in the next half of the season! So let us discuss!

Emma is off to save her true love! Just like her parents she plans to always find him. There will be a lot of obstacles in her way though! There are many returning villains who probably have a bone to pick with the group that's heading for the Underworld! Let's hope the good guys will find help from some people down there!


According to the show, those who have unfinished business will be in this Underworld. So far there have been some confirmed characters that will be seen.

1. Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil will be seen in the Underworld and will be in multiple episodes! I'm not sure what her unfinished business would be, but it is sure to be worth watching!

2. Peter Pan

Peter Pan is going to be in the 100th episode and has been hinted to be changed. For better or worse, I guess we'll see what kind of change it is! There could be many reasons to his unfinished business, such as being a parent or just taking over all magic! He is an evil person who is full of surprises.

3. Prince Henry and Cora

Regina's parents, Prince Henry and Cora, (the most evil queen there ever was) is also going to be back, presumably as the leader of the Underworld. She had just got her heart back, so maybe she wanted to be a good mother in just that split second or she wants revenge. Another reason could be that she is still in love with Rumpelstiltskin!

4. Milah

Milah the first wife of Rumple and Hook's former lover. This could spell out trouble for not one, but two relationships. Besides for love, she could be there because she realized to late that she wanted Baelfire back!

5. Prince James

Prince James, the twin brother of Prince Charming who was a jerk for lack of a better word. This kind of surprises me. The only reasons I can think of for him being there is because he never became king. We may be in for quite a surprise with this one.

I'm excited to see how it all pans out! I have high hopes for this half of Season 5!


Which character are you most excited to see back?


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