ByJohnathon Raymond, writer at
Johnathon Raymond

After his Screen Actors Guild Award win for Best Actor in The Revenenat, ll signs point to a possible Oscar. Leonardo Decaprio May say he doesn't think about an Oscar while he is working but he has certainly factored the thought into every role he is decided to take over the last few years. He has increasingly worked hard to find appealing characters and stories with history relevance to Garner that Oscar win for Best actor. Some of those movies include : The Revenant, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Great Gatsby, J. Edgar, The Aviator, Catch Me if you Can, Gangs of New York and more.

It seems the academy has skipped him over time and time again. But interestingly, no is thinking the academy 'snubs' Decaprio as is the case with Tom Cruise. I personally expect Leonardo to walk away with the Oscar this year. He has always worked hard as actor, chose his roles well and has proven himself time and again.

The Revenant is no different. He put his heart and soul into this move and I can't imagine anyone playing the role better. Pic from Instagram .


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