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I don't know anything about football. In fact, I don't know anything about team sports, nor do I care. But all movie nerds go through that certain phase one time a year when we actually care to pay attention to football- Super Bowl movie trailer madness.

With the abundance of movie trailers being featured in this year's Super Bowl, let's break 'em down so you have a reason to pretend to be a football fan this year too.


This continuation of the Bourne franchise in which Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass come back for their fourth Bourne outing after the Tony Gilroy-helmed, Jeremy Renner starring The Bourne Leagacy will supposedly have a trailer shown and an official title reveal during this Sunday night's big game. We have not recieved any information or footage from this film as of now, and this just may be our first look at the extremely anticipated film.


At this current moment, it seems like DEADPOOL may possibly have the best marketing campaign in cinematic history, and the sound of a couple Super Bowl spots set for the film may improve on that. The film releases 5 days after the game, and this may be the last bit of footage we see for the film, and I can guarantee that they'll make it great.


Fox has also booked spots for two of their other upcoming films, X-MEN APOCALYPSE and EDDIE THE EAGLE. X-MEN has barely released any trailers or footage as of yet, and hopefully with this new spot we can learn more about the story and the characters featured in the film. When it comes to EDDIE THE EAGLE, we have tons of story info and footage, and with the consideration that the film is released this month, this might be the last bit of footage we get, just like DEADPOOL. That said, there is a possibility we may get some new footage appealing to NFL fans, as it is a sports film.


4 of the biggest films in Walt Disney's upcoming slate, these 4 films are expected to have some footage shown during the game. With 3 of the 4 films only having one trailer released, we might see full trailers and new footage, particularly for FINDING DORY, in addition to new footage from CIVIL WAR and THE JUNGLE BOOK with their fast approaching release dates. When it comes to ZOOTOPIA, we have already seen multiple trailers and excerpts of footage and with less than a month left until the film releases, we may see some last minute promotion for the film to get everyone on board.

Which films are you most excited to see featured during this years super bowl?


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