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Everyone knows about the big blockbuster productions in the industry, whether it be the latest Batman, a well-loved rom-com or a new action film. These films are have the advantage of large production budgets and big-name companies. However, with the uprising of Youtube and similar websites, small-scale film-makers are creating their own productions because- as with famed directors and actors - it's something they love doing.

One of the most successful small-scale production companies is the Hillywood Show, founded by sisters Hannah and Hilly Hindi. Well-known for creating short parodies (spoofs) of popular films and TV shows, such as The Walking Dead and Supernatural, the Hillywood Show works on a small budget but still manages to create amazing films.

Poster for Hillywood's The Walking Dead Parody
Poster for Hillywood's The Walking Dead Parody

What makes these productions so special is the amount of time and effort put in by the two creators. Each scene is shot until perfection and the costumes are designed almost flawlessly. It's amazing that they are able to achieve such a professional look on their films, with such a low budget. Their parodies usually from $10,000 to $20,000 whereas the average Hollywood film costs from $200 million upwards.

Their parodies became more well-known after their largely successful Supernatural Parody, which even featured many of the cast members from the hit show. This in particular boosted their viewership, but without such hard work and dedication, the show wouldn't have had this chance.

As well as the actual production itself, the Hillywood Show also posts a behind-the-scenes video, with most parodies showing how they made the parody. As someone who's interested in the process of film-making as well as the final product, this is very interesting and even educational to me.

Smaller production companies like the Hillywood Show are inspirational to aspiring film-makers, as they're a good example of hard work paying off on-screen. They also show the hardships and problems with trying to make smaller productions.

What makes these parodies even better is that the Hindis are self-proclaimed Nerds, meaning that the parodies are as authentic as possible, and pay homage to the originals.

These productions provide entertainment and comedy for fans and non-fans alike, and even the stars of original productions themselves have admitted they're fans of the parodies. Many of the original stars have tweeted at the Hillywood show, or expressed their interest in the parodies on other social media.

Supernatural cast in Hillywood's Supernatural parody
Supernatural cast in Hillywood's Supernatural parody

Overall, the Hillywood Show is a great example of how smaller-scale productions are changing the way that the cinema industry is evolving. They'e also a great example to aspiring film makers, by making amazing content that fans love.

If you want to find out more about the Hillywood Show and their awesome parodies, they can be found on youtube at:


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