ByMir Zayed, writer at

Superhero movies have started a new revolution in this century. Basically these movies are mainly commercials where critics are not given that much importance. But now a days producers and directors are trying to make such kind of superhero movies which are both commercially and critically acclaimed eg. Batman trilogy, man of steel, watchmen etc.

Now here comes DEADPOOL. This movie is going to be a big surprise for the marvel universe. The best part about this movie is, the makers have tried their best to keep up with the comic. The comic timing of this character and so called anti superhero turns into a superhero thing is something new for the fans and it also differs him from other super heroes. The movie has created such vibe among the people that even before its release it has already taken a big place in people's heart and the market as well. They are surprising people every now and then. According to the reports deadpool is the most sought after movie so far from the start of this year. yah, there's also other big projects coming later this year but DEADPOOL has literally shaken the market. Ryan Reynolds has played a big part in it. His sense of humor and the comic timing in every promotional events have been really more than commendable.

Deadpool's marketing has been top notch with their campaign so far. Now, though, they may be taking things a bit off-site. Deadpool really stretches the reach of their campaign. It really, really seems like he'll do anything for attention now. according to it has now given a new surprise to the fans which is really mind blowing. The stunts and the promotions have been up to the mark.

According to me its going to create history. The wait is going to be over very soon. If you're a big deadpool fan, I can assure you this movie is going to be a bliss for you.


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