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It has been a little bit since I last posted something to this page. Lack of inspiration can be directly blamed by a busy schedule and homework. However, I am back with a new list for next week or so. I send out a big thanks to all who read my last post about my opinions about the Oscar nominations. If you are reading this and have not read that post, go check it out. This list is about my most anticipated movies of 2016. Once again, this will only be a top five rather than ten. This is because I want to write about numerous things and not be anchored to eleven posts about one subject. Plus, there are truly only about seven movies that I am impatient about seeing. There will be two honorable mentions that I will discuss below that did not quite make the cut.

What is the criteria for this list? The judging requirements include the following:

• Pure excitement

• Impatience Level

• Expectations

• Worth the price of two tickets (one for myself and my better half)

One of the big difference makers in this list was that last bullet. For most of these movies that I want to see in the standard theater (versus the $2 theater), I will have to pay for two tickets. That part of the judgement is my questioning of whether I believe the movie will be worth paying $24 instead of $12. Also, the expectations requirements does not necessarily mean good expectations. There are movies coming in 2016 that I have set low expectations for which my hope is for said movies to exceed them and prove me wrong (as The Force Awakens did last year). These movies must have a 2016 nationwide release as well. Sometimes a movie will come out around Christmas time in some theaters but not the ones near me.

Before getting into the honorable mentions of the list, I want to wonder out loud about something that is apparently clear about movies coming out this year. Why are there numerous sequels with long gaps from their predecessors? While I am not complaining about every single one, but it begs to question why there are that many. Scrolling through a list of movies expected to be released in 2016, there were 8-10 sequels of movies that are older than 6 years old. Has there been that large of clamoring for these old movie characters to return or are studios going back to what has worked with before? That is only a side thought, but please be welcome to comment on your opinion of this.

Honorable Mention:

The Jungle Book

When I first heard of this movie being proposed, I ridiculed it. A live-action movie of a talking animal movie seemed completely ridiculous. To me, it simply seemed Disney using nostalgia against movie goers and hoping that numerous people will bite. While that was how I felt then, now is a completely different story. With John Favreau directing, this movie has potential to be good. His work with Iron Man is a testament on how he can direct a movie that is rooted in computer created characters. It is a daunting challenge to pull off a movie completely with only one actor physically being present in the movie. Favreau has been able to pull it off before and the teaser trailer shows enough to make me feel encouraged.

Along with Favreau, the voice cast of this movie is an all-star one. Bill Murray as Baloo is perfection in my mind. The rest of the movie could be voiced by sounds of the actual animals themselves and I would still be exciting for The Jungle Book. However, this cast also has Ben Kingsley, Idris Elba, Scarlet Johansson, and Christoph Waltz. That is a stellar voice cast for these roles. Those two factors are reasons my excitement completely shifted for this movie. However, I am still keeping my expectations relatively low since this movie is mostly going to be manufactured in a computer. Sometimes that can take me out of a movie but I hope that it does not here. Also, this movie is not one I want to pay double for on the opening weekend. It does have me excited, but not to the point where I am desperate to see this movie as soon as possible.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

A month ago, this movie would have been within the top five. However, the latest trailer to be released has killed a lot of my excitement for this movie. The main thing that discouraged me was that it appears that the entire story has been exposed. The trailer should have stopped before Doomsday was revealed. There are other personal issues with this movie that I have, including a lack of belief in it being a good movie.

With all of that negative, there is still enough here for anybody to be excited about. It is a chance to watch Batman and Superman to fight on the big screen. The formation of the Justice League is most likely the ending of this movie, which sets up the DC Universe. However, the main reason this movie makes the honorable mention list is because I am curious about how this movie will set everything up. While I am doubtful that this movie will be a spectacle, I am hopeful that it can set up a quality universe that can focus on the solo movies better than Marvel does. This movie is something I will attempt to see opening night for two tickets, which is another reason that it makes this list.

There is the two honorable mentions for my most anticipated movies of 2016 (from February on). Thank you all for reading this. I hope you enjoyed this entry and returned tomorrow for my next entry. If you have enjoyed this, check out my other postings on my Moviepilot page. Follow me there at or on Twitter @talkmoviestome. Once again, thank you all for reading.


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