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It's not often that a stunt double gets the recognition they deserve for starring in the most exciting and dangerous parts of the movies, yet it's even more uncommon for that stunt double to actually be a woman!

Introducing Chloe Bruce, the stunt double who recently starred as Daisy Ridley's counterpart in the brand new film, Star Wars: the Force Awakens. You might not recognize her face, but her dazzling moves will surely amaze you! Check out the video below of Chloe using her quarter staff to kick some serious butt!

I don't know about you, but I'd definitely avoid messing with her in a dark alley.

We only saw the beginnings of Rey in the last Star Wars film, but given Chloe's abilities, we're sure to see a whole lot more of her. She might even start training with Luke! If and when that happens, Luke will no doubt pass on Yoda's teaching about the force to her; can you see this scene from The Empire Strikes Back re-done to incorporate Chloe's abilities as Rey? Luke would probably faint!

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