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Admit it. You've probably thought about it at least once. If you haven't inferred what I mean, I obviously mean buying a Chimichanga for the Deadpool premiere. What did you think I was talking about? You perverts.

However, the biggest pervert of all is none other than the Mercenary-Who-Talks-Too-Much (I felt a slightly altered title would be more original than his other nicknames), Deadpool. Unlike his super compatriots, who may happen to give slightly innuendo-filled banter with villains, Mr. DP tends to come through with his word. Thus, I have compiled a list of moments where Deadpool has reigned in as the Number-One-Queer-Antihero.

1. Whenever Deadpool and Spiderman team up:

I mean you can't blame Wilson, it's Spiderman for crying out loud. If you happen to team up with a perverted omnisexual and you're wearing spandex, do look out.

The two of them happened to make a brief stint as partners for what can only be assumed was marketing gold, and now the pair are stuck together. Even the internet seems to think so.

Even Deadpool himself is aware.

There is even a moment out there where Deadpool crossdressed in front of the wall-crawler. Now, any self-respecting Deadpool cosplayer and talented fan artist has done many-a-homage to this:

2. Cable and Deadpool:

Sometimes, it becomes obvious when a good thing is going on. Deadpool and Cable is no exception. The two seem to have the best Super Bromance besides Superman and Batman, but we're not here to talk about those two. Let's just let Midnight and Apollo help those two out and let us focus on the The Merc and his biotechnic friend. Although the two seem to have a seemingly sexual frustrated friendship, they never do anything about it. Really when you get down to it. the duo's innuendos are really just Story Writers' ways of selling a fantasy. Literally.

Never the less, Deadpool is completely comfortable around his friend.

Even when his friend has seemingly gone into Death's finely manicured hands, Deadpool has no qualms over discussing his friend's "girth".

I think, deep down, Deadpool does care about Cable. Yes, most definitely cares.

3. Deadpool referencing penetration.

I always chuckle every time I see this picture. Here Deadpool is being impaled by an elephant tusk, and yet he cannot help but make a joke about his current 'invasive' position.

4. When he crossdressed as Jean Grey...

You know, if you happen to read the dialogue very carefully, Deadpool makes a jab at Iceman for staring at his legs. Quite recently though, Iceman was revealed to actually be gay. The young mutant had compartmentalized his sexuality because he couldn't deal with being both a mutant and gay. Now I can't help but wonder if Deadpool happened to pick up on this.

5. When he flirts with already well-known gay characters.

In this particular instance the victims are famous Young Avengers, Wiccan and Hulkling. Both are famous for being one of the first openly gay couples who happened to be teenagers and also happen to be superheroes. Ha ha ha, win win.

6. Deadpool comments on Frank Castle's butt.

I mean, he's not wrong. However, this one moment just proves how easily Deadpool can get lost in his thoughts that they can get spoken aloud. This is also a good example of Deadpool objectifying one of MANY Marvel characters.

7. Random horniness.

How to diffuse a situation with a sexual joke that doesn't really help diffuse the situation, but hey, he's Deadpool.

8. References to sexual encounters with other men in the '70's...

Once again, Deadpool remains vague in reference to his sexuality. His "casual encounters" could have been with women as well, but fans dream.

9. Beatrice the Bearded Woman

Now, some might argue that this is not a queer moment, but it is. The fact that Deadpool is attracted to a woman with a beard is just a cherry on top of the cheesecake. The fact that she has a beard just accentuates Deadpool's omnisexuality (pansexuality if the other word makes your head hurt too much).

10. Deadpool's secret crush on Thor.

11. Deadpool's crush on both Captain America and Black Widow.

Yes, at first Deadpool expresses a crush on everyone's favorite widow, Natasha, but then he is offered Cap instead.

And he remains absolutely content nonetheless. Yup. He's queer.

Clearly a parody of the Star Wars posters.
Clearly a parody of the Star Wars posters.

I for one cannot wait to see the new film. With the promise of a queer Deadpool, I can only hope that there are moments like these abundantly shown in the film.


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