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Arrow has had a great run of four seasons so far, and The Flash continues to impress us with it's second second season. However, the amount of great characters within DC comic books is so large that there are still many characters we're waiting to appear within the Flarrowverse. In this article, I am going to cover 9 DC heroes that would be awesome to see in the Flarrowverse!

1) Green Lantern

Not only have we had multiple references to Ferris Aircraft, but we have actually heard "missing pilot" while on the Ferris airfield and seen his fighter jacket (Arrow S04E04 for those who missed it)!

For those who don't know, Green Lantern has notorious team ups with Green Arrow and the Flash which makes it a prime candidate for the Flarrowverse!

2) Blue Beetle

Since the days of Smallville, we have all been excited to see Bluebeetle on the small screen. We got to see it briefly on Smallville but not as a hero.

How cool would it be for another of Cisco's Urban Legend "Metas" to actually be Bluebeetle? To top the cake, we have seen Kord industries show up all over the place. Great plan, don't you think?

3) Martian Manhunter

And not just any Martian Manhunter...

Yes - That one! Wouldn't it be great to have Supergirl be added to the Flarrowverse? I think so....

For all the reasons why he should be, watch Supergirl. it!

4) Plastic Man

Someone who turns into many different shapes and sizes. He can be sent flying like an arrow, or a bullet, or a bullet train that starts as an arrow. Or he can be used as a bridge to cross water (the flash can help him stretch from one side to the other). Or anything else you can come up with!

The beauty of Plastic Man is that he is a character that can stretch limitations. Many different things can be done with him and he would be the perfect "untouchable thief meta" on the Flash!

5) Cyborg

It's Cyborg. I can't really justify it, but this is a personal favorite.

Now, to attempt to justify it - Victor Stone, aka Cyborg was turned Cyborg essentially because he was trying to get his dad's attention. I am not going to go to the various versions, simply the new 52. His dad saved his life by bonding his body with various technologies. In turn, he became Cyborg. It would be cool to see this story play out on Arrow. Mostly because it also brings in Darkseid which would be an awesome hero to see Team Arrow even try to win against! (queue Supergirl?)

6) Beast Boy

Here is another hero that'd be cool to see on the small screen! He is a witty character with many great story arc's to pull from.

What would be cool about him, is he would be a good contrast to Vixen...except, you know, he TURNS INTO STUFF!

Bringing in Beast Boy could eventually lead to Doom Patrol related stories. Which would be awesome to see in an episode of Legends of Tomorrow!

Alright....enough Teen Titans...I know!

7) Metamorpho

Yet another tragedy turned hero! Plus - we already have Katana in Arrow so why not lead to the Outsiders!

There is so many ways to tell his story but I think the go to for the Flarrowverse would be that he is a Meta who took this long to form himself back together. It'd be awesome to see his transformation from average Joe to the powerful Metamorpho we see in the Outsiders!

8) Aquaman

Yes - I know he is a Justice Leaguer. But so is Flash, and Green Arrow becomes one eventually too.

We don't have many underwater stories and he would be a great one! Especially if it was the result of say a sunken tanker in the sea (Lian-Yu) which in turn causes Oliver to meet a new friend and call on him in say, Legends of Tomorrow for a cool story! He has so many possibilities and would be an asset to the Flarrowverse in many ways!

9) Captain Atom

A man who absorbs energy. How cool would it be if we had to set off the particle accelerator to save a hero?

I think Captain Atom is that hero. Made from the Particle Accelerator, has to be re-fueled by the particle accelerator. It would help star labs to actually use it to make money to support Barry in making Gideon. And they wouldn't need to worry about containment as long as he is on site. So many cool story lines to come from him being in the Flarrowverse!

What other hero(s) would you like to see in the Flarrowverse? Comment below!


Who would you like to see most in the Flarrowverse?


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