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Gotham returns to our screens at the end of this month for the second half of Season 2, and fans have lots to look forward to in the second half.

Spoiler alert! Season 2 Spoilers Ahead.

We've got a de-throned Penguin working with our newly-maniacal Riddler, which is bound to be incredible viewing. We meet Penguin's father (Paul Reubens) for the first time, and will get to see a little of how he contributed to Oswald's damaging childhood (and how he reacts to Gertrude's death).

There's more of Mr. Freeze on the way, as well as Dr. Strange (who may well be bringing Theo Galavan back to life), and of course, the Galavan girls who have now teamed up on their own. On the hero front, we'll see what Lee says to Jim's proposal, how Jim gets back on the force (assuming he does), and return to Bruce's discovery and his family history.

As if all that wasn't enough to pack in to the second half of the season, TVLine has now revealed that someone else is making a return to Gotham: Fish Mooney.

The star villain of the first season, we've seen Fish rule from her club, fail at staging a coup for control of the gangs of Gotham, end up a prisoner of an insane doctor, work her way back to power, and escape to try and take Gotham back. At every turn, she revealed how powerful she was, and how brutal. Despite her stunning exterior, she is more than willing to go the distance to be the one in charge, even when she had to carve out her own eye to do it.

We last saw Fish at the end of Season 1, battling Penguin on a rooftop, and falling to her "death" into the water below. However, many fans never really believed her to be gone, as we didn't see an actual body. Now we know that she did survive the fall, and will be returning to Gotham - presumably in another bid for control.

The big question is: what has she been doing during the first half of the season?

Part of that time has obviously been spent recuperating, but a woman as strong as Fish wouldn't need too much bed rest to make a full recovery. Has she spent the rest building an army? Working out her next move? Finding out specific information that will allow her to take power again? For now, we'll just have to wait a few more weeks to find out.

Gotham returns Feb 29th.


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